Up all night

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jul 5, 2003.

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  1. Hayfever has kept me up all night
    During this time I have emptied my loft and found some lego that was mine when I was a kid

    Its great, ive made a nob, a car, a plane, another nob and a house

    anyone got any sticklebrick i can blag, buy, steal
  2. Mighty, wow, we've suffered together !!  For my nights of woe I have a Nintendo 64 and Xbox.  Yeah, I know, I'm slighty toooo old to play with them but it sure beats sitting up all night crying with hayfever.  As for Lego or stickle bricks, none of that, but last summer I did purchase a radio controlled car but the neighbours complained about the noise around 3am most mornings!
  3. Had an ex-girlfriend with the same problem. She turned the bathroom into a sterile area, and got a gonk bag down in there, when it got too bad. She bought one of those "Pure air" thingys to circulate air in there as well. It seems to work
  4. MDN,

    Steal a box of Fuzy Felt from some friends who have kids & you will have endless hours of ammusement re-creating porn film scenarios in bizzare pastel shades.
  5. lololol@ fuzzy felt

    Not seen or heard of fro years, got rid of that when i binned the etch-a-sketch
  6. I was up for a while with a bit of heart burn meself like.  Fuck*n' Ginsters Pies man!!  Shouldn't have had that last one, but ye know what it's like man, buy a pack of 20 and before ye know it.......ye've scoffed the f*ckin' lot.

    People say to me 'Ho, Barry Man, yer putting on all that weight man!"

    They divvint kna whit it's like man. "I've problems with me feet man" I tell them.

    "What de ye mean like?" they ask

    "Just can't keep them oot the kitchen"  I say.
  7. You lying cnut, drinking cider until 6 in the morning was the actual cause.

    Sew your nose closed and breath into a condom.

    Dunno if it'll work, but will be fcukin funny to watch ;D
  8. Wish I could find something to keep me up all night......
    Viagra perhaps...?
  9. http://www.arrse.co.uk/html/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=1475&sid=a2864e5063dd5591257396635901939f


    Put the nipper up in the loft and get the Lego out again