Up 40,000, one man jumping.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. Your thread title is more than a tad misleading c_f. This gent is going for the big one, Joe Kittinger's record descent of 102,000'. Felix has already descended from 71,000'. There's already a thread of some months ago on this.

    Joe's record is 50 years old. I wish Felix God Speed, good luck and get down safe.

    Not that many moons ago, our own lad Charles 'Nish' Bruce invested a lot of his post military time researching an attempt on this record.
  2. fu2

    fu2 LE

    When you think about it Joe Kittinger record is amazing due to the lack of knowledge and hi tech at that time.
  3. I remember reading something about the Kittinger jump (may not have been him) and the alien autopsy.

    Apparently a few of these high altitude jumps were made near Area 51 or somewhere similar. One of the 'high altitde jmpers' had a mishap and was taken to the hospital. The affects of the high altitude jump made him look barely human.

    Just one suggestion made for the 'alien goings on' at Area 51. That and quite simple folk living all around in a boring area.
  4. And Steve Truglia. Steve Truglia | Profile on TED.com
  5. R.I.P Nish, what a way to go
  6. Pisses, me off waiting for an elevator in our apartment block...
  7. I used to know a chap in the UK back in the 80's - an Asian Equities broker. He told me he'd accompanied an ex-military-type on a high altitude jump, and held the civilian record for free-fall. Now trying to think of the chap's name.
  8. There was a small section in the Roswell UFO Museum about Project Excelsior (the high altitude drops). I would suggest that the 'alien' body rumour may have come about when one of the dummies dropped in Operation High Dive was seen in the desert.

    Having spent the night in Roswell I can confirm that it's one of the most uninteresting, and boring places filled with the most uninterested and boring people, I've ever had the misfortune to stay.

    There were lights in the sky that night ... one of the best thunderstorms I'd seen since the far east.
  9. i wonder if he will test his i phone on the way down just like the new advert about the student who managed to hold on to his iphone whilst jumping out of a plane,yet he didnt drop it