Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by boris73, May 2, 2007.

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  1. I have been told if i post in here i may be able to get more help. So i have just copy and pasted from my original post. I am going to Loughborough University in October. And i was thinking of joining the UOTC. Could anybody tell me if they go on expedition trips or mountaineering trips in the holidays? Also i am thinking about a career in the Army as an REME/Artillery Officer. Will the UOTC be a true representation of the army or not?
  2. 1) Yes, more adventure training opertunites than anywhere else at uni
    2) UOTC isn't really a true representation, but will give you a feel for the military, and will give you the ability to know what its all about.
    3) If you want to be an officer, then you should do UOTC no if or buts.
    4) Its the best social drinking club at uni.
  3. further to that, you will be able to actually learn REME and Artillery skills that the grunts actually do in their regiments.

    i like the artillery stuff personally, and theres quite a variance of stuff that you can go into and specialise in. but more of that when you join your OTC!
  4. If you're keen you can get onto things like P Coy, the Cambrian Patrol and exchanges with the American ROTC. If you aren't keen, you can spend your military career drinking G&T's in the bar and doing the minimum training. There's something for everyone (for better or worse).
  5. Thank you for your help. I have a few more questions. When do i have to apply to join the UOTC? Also which is the closest one to Loughborough University? And how many people do they accept each year. Or is it more of getting as many as possible to join?
  6. look out for them advertising in freshers week, but other than that best bet is to google "loughborough AND otc". if you miss the induction/selection weekend its next to impossible to get in afterwards, until the next year of intake.

    amount of people depends on what the facilities can cater for and (to an extent) budget, which is even more limited these days due to the war.
  7. Loughborough comes under East Midlands OTC. There isn't much on the web, but you could get their phone number off the army website and ask someone there. As Irish_Cream says, you definitely need to be making contact with them on the first week of term so you can get on their selection weekend.
  8. Since when do "grunts" do REME or Artillery type things?

    UOTC isn't a true representation, at all, about the Army. However you will benefit from the activities that are run, such as the AT and Leadership training.

    Mil skills are taught from scratch at RMAS anyway.

    You may be able to get attachments to REME and Arty units and see what they do, and maybe sample their life. You may even get a chance to get away on exercise with them. Try the other capbadges too, if you can.
  9. Depends on what wings that particular OTC has. I think only London has a REME subunit, but quite a few OTC's have arty troops which can offer you training in various areas of arty work (CP, OP, recce & gun bunnies IIRC).
  10. what i meant was that through the OTC you can do what the squaddies do in their regiments - the sort of stuff the officers never get their hands on!
  11. Sort of...
    The Sub-Units (Troops) were effectively disbanded. B and C Coy (2nd and 3rd Year) OCdts now do a sort of "mixed bag" training package, where they get to experience a bit of each.
    Luckily, we've kept the 7 PSIs, so there's still a wide range of representation from the Regiments and Corps.
    I think I'm right in saying that the Guns still get to go off and do their own thing? If PTI was around, he'd be able to tell you.
  12. When I was in EMUOTC about six years ago there was no specialised training, just the ordinary MTQ1 in the first year, MTQ2 in the second year then training the first and second years in the third year.
    Bad thing about EMU is that you need to get a bus to Nottingham to the unit if you're at one of the outlying unis such as Loughborough - an hour on the coach soon sobers you up no matter how many cheap drinks you've had then you have to go to the cheesy Wednesday night student events sober and meet your drunk non-OTC friends.
  13. East midlands does not have an arty troop. However once you have completed your first years training ( mtq1) your eligible to go on attachments. I went to an as90 reg a few years back, had a brill time.

    Have fun.

  14. There is an arty battery in nottingam, you can attach yourself to them and still do the OTC thing. They are gun bunnies and there are some really good lads in that unit
  15. Irish Cream, from what I have seen you don't get to any thing the soldiers get to do, that officers don't do at some point anyway.

    The term "grunt" however could get you in trouble with such units, if misused.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.