Discussion in 'OTC' started by Pink Cadet, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone ever done this at there University? I want to gain as much information on it as possible, I have several un-answered questions, such as do you need to attend specific Universities to be eligible, or could you for example attend Bedford University, and still do your UOTC via the Oxford one?

  2. Try asking on the UOTC boards......
  3. What, such as the OUOTC? Cause I've already e-mailed both oxford's OTC and Cambridge's OTC, so hopefully I shall get a reply.
  4. You will find that your UOTC is affiliated to a Regional UOTC that has, perhaps 4 - 5 Universities under its remit. You may be able to jump onto the back of another University OTC if you live in the area / commute to your own Uni but I don't know for sure - ask at Freshers Week / the UOTC. The question for you has to be, why do you want to join a UOTC from a different Uni? You are better off joining your own, you will get to know others from your campus and will not be the outsider!
  5. No, such as OTC just below this in the Arms and services.....
  6. No I know it's the OTC, but like I said, Oxfords is known as OUOTC.....

    And Pond Balls.... I don't want to join anothers and not my own, my problem is that I plan to go to a university such as Bedford, or Oxford Brookes, because they do my courses, but whether they have an OTC is debatable, I found the website somewhat confusing, and I checked the OTC list, but wasn't sure if they were talking of universities or just areas... Does that make sense, or does it just sound like waffle?
  7. Nope, it makes sense!! There are Universities that don't have a UOTC (because the student union is full of leftie toss pots) or they are poorly supported by the University

    Another good source of information will be the officer recruiting rep (I forget the correct title) who does the rounds at the local AFCIO's - try giving them a call, they should be able to give you a list of UOTCs by University or the UOTC that covers your area.
  8. AFCIO? Ok getting very confused, how would I find out where my local one is, or what it is.... And thank you for the info.
  9. I think Oxford UOTC has accepted the Poly Wallies (sorry, I mean Brookes students) for years. Not sure where you´d go from Bedford though.
  10. AFCIO - Armed Forces Careers Information Office, you can Google it to find the details of your local one. There is a rep who does the rounds for the region who is specifically focused on Officer recruitment, he / she will have ties to the UOTC network and should be able to tell you which OTC covers the uni you are headihng for.
  11. Fair do's, and I can see why you gave the name, but Oxford Brookes does in fact meet all my requirements when it comes to my course, which is Sport, and when I spoke to the representative they had me hook line and sinker... So it may be bad by rep, but I like the sound, but I shall attend an Open Day first :)
  12. Well I'll find my local one of those and hopefully get a meeting set up as soon as possible, Oh and Hobo-Ken, I believe the local OTC for Bedford would be Cambridge :)
  13. I know - just winding you up. Actually it's a decent Uni but you should expect a bit of banter from the folk up the road.What are you studying? BA in Cycling Proficiency?

    Join the OTC if you podsibly can though: you'll make some of the bst friends of your life. Good luck with it.
  14. I intend to do Sports Studies, still undecided (Unfortunately) As to which particular course, I'm trying to determine which course would be most suitable for my intentions in the future, I am currently in the ACF and thanks to both Adventurous Training within the ACF and generally doing it outside of cadets, I have fallen in love with various Adventure Training activities, mainly Kayaking, which truly is my passion, and also Rock Climbing (More of the abseiling part though) And I asked myself, what do I really want to do in later life, and I decided that, as I already coach Girls Rugby League, and I enjoy it very much, then perhaps I should combine both Adventure Training, and teaching, so my aim is to become an adventure training instructor, I also aim to be an Adult Instructor in the ACF, which could mean I may also be able to be part of CCAT...... You never know ;)

    What the future holds, I will never know, but I can definitely persuade it to go my way :)

    As for joining the OTC, well Cadets brought that on, and also the fact that it's whilst at Uni, I just don't want to be in the Army, hence my search for alternatives :)
  15. It's totally standard to be in the OTC of the next nearest university when yours doesn't have one.

    Did that three times myself: Birmingham OTC when I was at the then Lanchester Poly (now Coventry University, I think), Cambridge OTC when I was at UEA and Leeds OTC while at Bradford.

    CUOTC may well be closest to Bedford. Suggest you eliminate the guesswork by just phoning them: 01223 247 818. If they're not the OTC that covers Bedford, they'll probably know who is.

    And in case you're worried, I found them totally un-snobby about my being at a less prestigious university.

    Edited to add:

    Just discovered this site, which should help:

    Find your UOTC - British Army Website