UOTC - What Am I in For?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by the_watsonator, Sep 9, 2005.

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  1. Just came across the UOTC at my uni and was wondering if there are any tests...

    At the moment my fitness is terrible just started running - well brisk walking but the UOTC kicks off in october so a little late to get fitter. Oh dear.

    And I know my urine sample won't be clean so will I be allowed in?

    Finally, is there a lot of tests and interviews for selecting the right people or does everyone just start training in october?
  2. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    frickin crikey, anyone wanna suggest anything, i mean dougy bader only had two half legs.... maybe this scrote can achieve..
  3. The question could be viewed one of two ways;

    Either he/she would like to have someone explain the reason behind their application to join, or

    what kind of slagging/beasting they can expect when the day dawns and they find themselves 'in'.

    Frankly, I don't know why they are bothering, if this is the kind of question they need to ask.
  4. Since the OTC doesn't start till October, you've got a month, which should be long enough to get your urine sample clear, at the very least. Alcohol doesn't matter. In fact, it's positively encouraged.

    Fitness - you're not expected to be superfit. Standards differ from unit to unit, but I would say that so long as you're of 'average' fitness, you should be OK.

    For my signing-up day, it was death by paperwork, then a couple of brief interviews - nothing too heavy - a cursory medical, kit issue and attestation.

    Other units actually have full selection weekends, with some PT, command tasks etc. (We don't get enough to turn anyone away, I don't think...)

  5. It depends what you mean by "clean"
  6. Stay off the drugs, take 'regularish' exercise, (they're not looking for marathon runners), and you'll have the best 3 years of fun, drinking & shagging (though maybe not in that order) of your life.

    Do it, enjoy it and it will be hugely rewarding even if you don't decide you want to join the army afterwards.
  7. Try Greenpeace you soap-dodging hippy :roll:
  8. We were never CDT'd at university. I wonder if there is a tacit admission by the MoD that to do so might be counter-productive. After all, experimenting and growing up is one of the things university (used to be) for.

    Very close friends of mine (ahem) knew people taking mushrooms and pot in the OTC. They could pass a BFT though.
  9. The CDT team touring 51 Bde grabbed me then upon discovering i was OTC told me i was exempt - the PSI wasnt however, and blamed me for his being collared; "sir i only told them there was someone else in the office i'd just walked out of" :D
  10. Some thoughts;
    CUOTC, if no-one else, has been CDTed twice in the last three years. I've never heard of any results coming through though.

    Some are fit, many fat.

    The odds are good, but some of the goods are decidedly odd...
  11. Thanks for the help but i'll pass on drinking my own p1ss i'll just leave a sample in someones drink at the bar and see what happens.

    Damn and I thought for officers it was all pipe smoking, port drinking and waxing a fine mustache!
  12. only up to 1914
  13. Just out of curiosity, what type of people are in the OTC? Are most just lookiing for a good time, to set them up for a career in the army or do you get many office Gareth types.
  14. A mixed bag mate.
    Although, I suppose you could divide it into three distinct groups:
    1) Fat, lazy, useless biffs who just want to wear green on weekends and drink in the Mess, but who will not actually undertake anything that may require them to get muddy, wet or incur injury. Often biff on weekends, complaining that their knee could possibly hurt a bit, and make everyone else carry their stuff for them. Does not take OTC seriously at all.
    2) Ultra, ultra keen-bean (usually) ex-Cadet Nazis who take OTC far far too seriously, and are then thoroughly hacked off and unbearable when they realise that no-one else is taking it quite as seriously as them, and the development of the OTC into some sort of SF support isn't happening. Insists on imparting their often unwanted advice and "experience" onto others, and takes delight in proving how much better they are at field skills, making no effort to help those who aren't as good. Reckons they will become the next DLB. Knobber. Avoid.
    3) The middle road and, luckily, the majority. Some will join the Army, some won't. Either way, it doesn't matter, as both are prepared to appreciate that the OTC is not the Regular Army and therefore can have a laugh and a joke, but are prepared to be equally professional when called upon to do so. Those that are intending to go on to RMAS tend to take a little more notice of rifle and fieldcraft basics, but is hardly noticable, as they rest safe in the knowledge that they will all have to be learned again! Unlike the jack b@stard, or the Cadet Nazi, tends to go on extra weekends or exercises to earn a few beer tokens or lob a few potatoes, as opposed to thinking it will be a skive, or thinking it will add to their chances of making General at 30. Again, luckily, the majority.
  15. What are you in for?? Well young man lets just say i'd leave your liver at home and pick it up once you graduate. Best time of my life and thats why i'm so glad to be back teaching MTQ2. Oh yes it's time to exact revenge for the year I spent listening to the strangly shaped captian drooling combat estimate at me. Don't need to be super fit (check my username and wonder how I got it) but be preped for breathing through your arrse if your not very fit!