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Guys and Girls,

What do you think of your unit websites? Do you feel your CofC utilises the power of the internet? Do you bother to check your unit site? What would you want from the site?

Obviously I'm not expecting you to answer all the questions essay style, just a few comments ideas etc.

Ours would be useful if it had been updated within the last 3 year and the administrator had not bugger off. The infrastructure is there they just need updating.
As such I think I the CofC need to do a little more in ordrr to use it to its full potential.

WUOTC web site

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Riiiiiiiight, where to start?

I'm currently trying to sort out WUOTC's site. After having been passed around the houses, I found out that our Adjudant controls the site. However he has decided to be very nice and leave :evil: Hence I have to wait until the new one is settled :wink:

The site itself is fine, it just needs updating, so once I've got it running I'd like to get as many pics from each company as possible, in fact it would help enormously if I could get a person from each company to oversee their section, it would cut down on the workload.
eegeek, you're CofC will need to get someone on the Army Content Management System users course as official sites have to hosted on army.mod.uk.

SCoy, you'll have fun with the ACMS - make sure you find out who you're authorising publisher is - otherwise it can takes days for pages to go live on the public army.mod.uk server.
CUOTC - Currently being overhauled by overworked (?) Trg Maj. It's not everything it could be, however most details come out in email format.

Website is more of intro to unit/recruiting (comms) aid.

CUOTC Website
One of our guys has worked pretty hard on ours, and I think it shows. Most obuvious uses for us as OCdts is the training calendar, and laughing at pictures in the Gallery.
I think I'm right in saying that a major part of the work was done during the recruiting process, which is why so much of the site leans towards providing information for potential OCdts.
In the process of aligning it to the ...mod.uk bit now, as far as I know.
University of London OTC

Definitely a good site, I wasn't best pleased when I was stopped from doing all sorts of fancy things due to the restrictions on the ACMS system but such is life. The deadline for all sites to be on army.mod.uk is well passed; your unit may want to speed up the transition process before someone notices. (Lets hope this thread doesn't bring attention to it!)
Manchesters is good i think, sound overview on what goes on etc. and a good private area for the members, showing social photos, message board etc.

Operator... I hear he is both overworked and underpaid. Lol.

I'm told the CUOTC site is a simple comms tool and the internal element will be developed as a closed community on ArmyNet.

As was probably the case with many other units, CUOTC had to rationalise any plans for an 'all singing' site in response to the directive to move all Army sites onto the ACMS system.

This policy is in place for both security and corporate branding reasons. Unfortunately the current ACMS system is - in my view - rather cumbersome, frustrating and limiting. I hear they are shopping around for a better system but don't expect an improvement any time soon. I can understand the frustrations, for London especially. They have obviously really gone to town on their web presence.

By the way, CUOTC are very flattered that Tayforth is using graphics from the Cambridge site.. or did WOCdt MC get posted there??
narcosis said:
or did WOCdt MC get posted there??
I do not believe she's had the pleasure of being posted to Tayforth. However the image was obviously posted into the ACMS Image Database and became available to the wider ACMS community - please pass on my thanks.

Also, thank you for taking the time to admire Tayforth's site :D.
what drivel would that be?
we could start with your love of dishing out advice "from my mate who was on ops" to regulars.....well done on reinforcing their impression of OTC's

after that its too late to start listing

so which are you with because i do feel sorry for them...who does the sympathy vote go to?
i was not dishing out advice to regs. i made a suggestion. so shut the fu(k up!
Soldier 5 u where and probably still are...all you need to do is have a look back in your profile at your earlier posts.......scared off by the regs so instead you spout off in here GREAT!!!!! your a one man ad campign for the sterotype of the OTC

nice one
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