UOTC vs Reserves

I start university soon and am debating whether to join the UOTC or the Reserves. Clearly the UOTC will be better scheduled around my education but the Reserves I’m sure would offer more.

I have an AOSB pass and would like to make sure my years at university prepare me for the Sandhurst challenge as well as my Officer career.

Would any recommend the Reserves over the OTC or vice Versa?
Just go and have fun and do all the things you may never get the chance to do again. Hit the odd visit to a regiment instead.
Fitting OTC and studies around each other was difficult enough. No-one's going to be impressed if you scrape a third and whine that it was because you were off with your reserve mob when you should have been working.

You'll also have more opportunities to lead in the OTC and the second year syllabus includes leadership training.
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