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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Knut, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. Bit of info required please.

    We are attracting ex-UOTC as TA recruits. can anyone PM me with the courses undertaken at UOTC and their TA equivalent e.g. what is the equivalent of the 2 week CMS camp for example.

    This would help sort out where we need to start recruits etc.

  2. Normally UOTC training and TA training run parallel to each other. In their first year, OTC OCdts are expected to complete MLDP1, which used to be called MTQ1, and is roughly equivalent to a recruit training package run by an RTC. In second year, OCdts will be expect to complete MLDP2, which concentrates on the orders process, and examines signals, map reading and lecturette training, following a syllabus set by RMAS. Again, there is if i remember the equivalent of MOD2 run by the RTC.

    In their third year, and should they wish, OCdts can do MOD3, either by completing Practac and a 10 day battle camp with their own unit, or attending one of the MOD3 courses run by their local RTC. A MOD3 pass is only valid for 6 months, and needs to be refreshed if the OCdt is to attend RMAS for their TA commissioning after their MOD 3 expires. Some OCdts complete Ex Summer leader, run by the RTC, which encompasses MOD2 & 3, and prepares OCdts to go to RMAS for Module 4.

    For OCdts joining you, it would be wise to gauge their knowledge and level of experience as OTCs differ in quality of training if you know what i mean. Having said that, the training for recruits is similar to basic training, but for some of them it may have been a tick in the box, which means you may need to assess each recruit individually regardless of which qualification they claim to have.

    Hope that helps

  3. Thanks for that.

    Can you clarify:

    In their first year, OTC OCdts are expected to complete MLDP1, which used to be called MTQ1, and is roughly equivalent to a recruit training package run by an RTC.

    When you say “roughly equivalent” is it a minimum of 6 weekends and two week CMS camp?

    From anecdotal experience UOTC recruits are a very mixed bag. We have had some good quality ones but I have to say the majority vary so much in standards of training that there is a real duty of care issue in ensuring they can handle a weapon safely etc.
  4. It'll be about 9 weekends and associated Wednesday nights but heir 2 week camp will be the units annual camp.

    Its a shame there seems to be issue with WH, Their instructors should be getting them signed off before they fire.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Are you Sgt Wilson?


    Should be? Damn well need to be, or will find themselves tapping the boards in front of any enquiry...
  6. I was speaking from personal experience about the WH of 1 or 2 examples we have had - not all UOTC we have had. It's the usual problem of skills fade for most people.

    This 9 weekends and 2 week unit camp suggests that there may be differences in the quality of training on offer.

    Do you know if their is a standard set of training standards for this weekend and Camp applicable to all UOTC?

    Might just pop along to the local UOTC to ask.

  7. get the MDLP 1&2 TO's then get a hold of the OTC's training schedule to see how they are applied.

    I would want to watch you question our OC 1st year about the quality of training he is providing :D