UOTC Teams in Cambrian Patrol 2005

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Pebble_Monkey, Nov 7, 2005.

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  1. Congratulations to all those UOTCs that entered a successful team in Exercise Cambrian Patrol '05. Comiserations to those teams that had to pull out for whatever reason. There is always next year!

    It was quite a challenge, with slightly sore feet and some nasty chaffing plus a bronze medal to show for the hard work!

    Especially well done to Leeds UOTC who were the only team to get a Gold on Phase 7.
  2. The CUOTC team earned themselves a silver this year. Congrats to all involved.
  3. Does anyone know how CEUOTC did?
  4. rock_chick:

    I know someone in the CEUOTC team. They got a certificate.

  5. 5 Div results were Birmingham and Exeter Silver, Wales and Bristol Bronze. Good effort all round. Have to take my hat off to Leeds for a Gold. Excellent result.
  6. CEUOTC had one chap drop out with hypothermia. He tried to keep going but fell asleep on the march. They would have got a silver had they all finished.
  7. Would have probably got a silver...if they all had a decent grip of there admin.
  8. Does anyone know how Southamptongot on. Did they put in two teams?
  9. Everyone would have got gold or silver if they didnt drop out... I think wales otc where the only unit who put 2 teams in. One got bronze, other dropped out. Cambrain was frekking hard this year! FUnny tho, since that weekend, it hasnt really rained much. Been sunny and icy cold! :)
  10. Southampton entered two teams this Year with **** Team being jack and withdrawing at the river crossing although they had three team members go down.

    Whilst G34B team finished 7 hours earlier than expected, on the SATURDAY night, and ended up with a Silver Medal
  11. Smudger: oooh harsh! but true... 'we would have beaten Pakistan but they scored more runs'

    So CUOTC are claiming to have got a Silver medal but someone else says it was Birmingham and Exeter. A little bird tells me that Birmingham (that's the real BUOTC, by the way, not those impostors down in Somerset) and Exeter got Silver medals and that only two were issued this year. Did CUOTC get their 'silver medal' in the same way as Leeds got their 'gold medal'?

    TD x

    PS Smudger you're not even in OTC any more so what are you doing hanging around these pages? Do those horrid RE boys not talk to you?
    PPS Er, I would have done Cambrian, but, um, I was, um, busy on the training weekends. I'm sure it's easy really!
  12. TD, not sure what you're trying to prove but get back in your box. CUOTC did get a silver medal, stop playing budget sherlock and leave it alone.
    Just because your int is shit is no justification to piss on other folk's achievements.

    And for the record, I wasn't on the team this year, but those who were did a good job.
  13. Yea you're right lewis all people who took part achieved a lot, however you appear to be a chopper. Why don't you go and practice your army phrases you've learnt from your PSI?
  14. Lewis, I wasn't 'proving' anything - that wasn't the point of my post. I was just intrigued by the conflicting information I was receiving: I'm in BUOTC, so I know they got a silver medal, and my friend in EOTC tells me they got a silver medal too; yet here I read that CUOTC got a silver when I've already been told that only two silvers had been awarded. Now, I know I'm an Arts student, but surely 1+1+1=3, which is 1 more than 2.
    The answer may well be that they were taking part in a different phase of the competition, as I understand that the event has staggered entries. Anyone?
    And please don't 'diss' my 'int' because it's first hand.
  15. How many years in a row is it that Leeds OTC have got Gold cambrian? Well done lads!

    Time for the unit anthem:

    Fcuk off whomever you may be,
    We are the Leeds U-O-T-C,
    Oh we'll rape your mums whoever you may be,
    'Cos we are the Leeds U-O-T-C.

    such poetry.