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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by one-one-delta, Jul 14, 2003.

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  1. I'm going to have to ruin this board by asking a vagely serious question

    Has anyone done the specialist to arms course that the signals run and if so what did you think??

    Whats the course like etc?

    Reason being i got a call from my sigs PSI to say I have a place on it in Sept and since Queens dont have a Signals troop no idea who's have the instutional knowledge.

  2. Give the Sigs PSI at London OTC a call as 3 of us did it at the end of my 2nd year, and as they have a Sigs troop he should knonw the syllabus and what you are expected to know. He may even be able to get you on a couple of Sigs troop weekeds pre-cse if he has anyone going.

    I think they are still done at Blandford and can be a good crack if the mix is right. The JIs say you should only get a recommendation if you are competent and have completed the syllabus as it is important to know things like what arial length is required on a PRC 346 to transmit a signal of x freq y miles (though the syllabus/technology has probably been updated, this was the kind of knowledge we were expected to display about 10 years ago going onto the course). A decent working knowledge of BATCO was also a must. That being said, some OTC's sent people who hardly knew what a radio looked like just to fill their allotment.

    At the end of it you get a nice little qualification badge that you are entitled to wear.
  3. Thanks for that I was up talking to our sigs PSI today who is under the impression that you need to know no more than MTQ1 sigs stuff. Got the joining order and is says "have passed MTQ exam and have completed the UOTC R Signals Training Syllabus" so I have a funny feeling im getting thrown in at the deep end since we dont touch anything bigger than 349 351....thats what corps mobiles are for :D From the programme it looks like a pretty good selection of stuff.

    Not much hope for the London idea as the cse starts early sept

    Now to sort the flight and a hire car
  4. Woo I'd stick to blanket stacking if I were you. The PRC 346 wasn't even around 10 years ago, and as its a UHF radio trying to tune the antenna by size would be pretty difficult (the frequencies are so high you just need a little antenna).... now as for HF that would make a significant difference to the antennas efficiency if it were cut to the right length...

    (Bow_Man silently prays that that the theory he was taught X years ago has stayed in his head correctly....)
  5. Mate I have difficulty remembering what was said to me 10 mins ago, let alone 10 years since I did the cse. 351/2, 346.... it's a f'kin black box that site in the rack in the FFR that makes noise when I need it to.

    Excon by Nokia mobile phone..... :lol:
  6. You colour blind too? Our radios are green....
  7. I thought yours were pink to match your Rover's decor?
  8. Do they still have 351/2 I thought clansman had been replaced? Is batco still going?
  9. one-one-delta, I did a UOTC signals course probably about 3 years ago now (did it two years in a row in fact), I imagine this is the same one (2 weeks at Blanford). For all the pomp and ceremony in the JIs, its just an expanded fam visit which introduces you to pretty much the full range of capabilities the R SIGNALS has. That said, it is a useful course if you're likely to be teaching signals at your own unit, as it does (or did) instruct you in basic propagation theory in addition to the manpack and vehicle mounted clansman kit. What with the draw down on Clansman, I have no idea if they're capable of doing that anymore.

    Its 2 weeks of living in the R SIGNALS HQ mess and being shepherded between lecture rooms and whatever nifty bits of kits they've got lying around at the time. A good time depending who else turns up to the course.
  10. it hadn't been 8 years ago when he posted that.

    Oh, and to answer your question, OTC still use Clansman. There isn't enough BOWMAN kit to give it to the cadet forces and OTC yet. For what those 2 organisations will use it for, Clansman kit is ample and performs all the functions that you'll require.
  11. out of interest does anyone know if this course still runs?

  12. There was certainly a UOTC signals course run at Blandford in September 2010, I've not heard if it's running in 2011.