UOTC recruitment process questions

What's the recruitment process like for the UOTC? Does it go through Capita (and take an age) in the same way as with regular and reserve recruits?

Are there any residency requirements for (British) students who've been living overseas prior to starting at University?

Thanks in advance
Literally took 3 seconds to find all this on google UOTC
I too have Googled, and found the very same site (before posting here actually), but it doesn't say anything about whether recruitment goes through Capita (and thus taking the first year at University before admission), or answer my residency question.
They didn't go through the Capita process a couple of years back when a friend joined. He actually wanted to join a proper AR unit in his Uni town but when he rocked up as a new student they pointed out he had a choice:

a) Apply to them, go into the AR pipeline and start training in six to nine months.

b) Go to the UOTC 'assessment weekend', get attested and then transfer across and be training within a couple of months.

He took route b). Full marks to the switched on recruiting bod at the AR unit.
Queens UOTC will be the guinea pigs for Capita/DRS. The rest remain unsullied by the useless cnuts. It would be interesting to see the fall out...
Thanks for that. Good to know where he should avoid!
I think the experiment will one of two ways:

1. CAPITA and Army throw significant resources at the Queens UOTC using the surge team to 'prove' DRS works as advertised, thus perpetuating the lie that all is honky dory and that the 'user' is at fault.

2. Queens UOTC has a tiny first year contingent approx 3 - 24 months after the students start the process. CAPITA and Army state DRS works as advertised, all is honkey dory and that the 'user' is at fault.

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