Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Thebigone, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. I am currently a student at Loughborough Uni and at the end of my degree i am seriously considering a career in the army.

    Therefore i thought it would be a good idea to get involved now even if it just to get some basic army experience...etc

    However i do not know whether to chose a 'normal' TA unit or the UOTC, they way i have had it explained is that the UOTC in terms of pay and deployment possiblity is a 'lesser unit' whereas in the TA you get paid a little more and from what i understand you are required to attend more.

    In terms of what i would like to do, i would be looking mainly at a combat infantry unit and tbh even though i would like to go to Sandhurst i would not be bothered if i was just rifleman, its more the experience i am looking for. I also would like the possibilty of deployment as my degree course does allow for a year out.

    My only concern about joing the TA is that in the summer i will be at home in south cheshire so could ideally do with a unit somewhere between the 2 so i can get there in both the summer and winter.

    Anyone got any ideas?

  2. Simple really.
    Want your leg over - join the OTC
    Want to soldier - join the TA

    Given that the last time I worked at LU the Male:Female ratio was 7:1, you may find that a difficult call to make.
  3. Hahaha that is true and also bear in mind that half the women there also look oddly like men.

    Although i've never had any problems getting my leg over :D
  4. No but seriously has anyone got any suggestions?
  5. Previous posters have summed up the options nicely. The OTC allow you to get a good look at the Army - plus beer and girls - without having to commit yourself to anything. I'm not saying we don't get some very good people out of the OTC, but the OTC itself is slightly below the Salvation Army on the callout list (note to humourless 18 year olds about to bite, that was a joke). The OTC is also good for students in that all training is geared around term dates.

    The TA is these days as real as it gets. Join up, get trained, get mobilised, get shot at. Just as many chances at medals or a body bag as the regulars. Frankly you'll feel a hell of a lot more accomplishment doing that than boning OTC tarts while full of Pimms while on Salisbury Plain. That said, if you're joining the regs anyway I'd opt for Pimms and fillies. You can work around term time by getting yourself on courses/dets/camps in the summer - but that depends on how good your unit is, and that can vary.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Become a TASO and get the best of both worlds.

  7. OTC training will be planned round the academic terms with perhaps the options to do attachments during the summer, the TA will be pretty much constant the whole year.

    The OTC will appreciate your studies will always come first, the TA maynot be quite as considerate.

    Edited to add,

    The OTC only only recruit once a year, this should be soon, go and have nose about at freshers and their open evening before deciding.
  8. IIRC you will not get mobilised while you are still in full time education (plenty of time for that later)
  9. We had a 4 year OTC "soldier" attached to us for an exercise once. After waking me up for stag, I set off on a roaming patrol around the (vehicle) harbour. 20 minutes later the useless fcuk had undressed himself to his boxers and was just getting into his doss bag.

    Having said that, he had done some gucci stuff. I remember him telling us about his parachute course.

    Basically, if you want to have a laugh and get pissed and don't mind being a bit of a walt, join the OTC. If you want to train for real and do some real soldiering (whilst getting pissed and having a laugh), join the TA.
  10. Thanks all.

    Sounds like the TA is right up my street as opposed to the UOTC. I actually want to soldier rather than fanny around.
  11. I'd go for TASO like MSR recommended. The best of both worlds from what I have seen, really. Boning, pee ups etc and training with a local TA unit.

    I have also noted that dispite what is said here sometimes the chances to do "interesting" things is greater with the TA. Ex's abroad and so on.

    Get some info and then decide.
  12. Just done a search and read around various local units. I would like to join The West Mid Reg hopefully C Company as they are about halway between home and uni. Plus they are an Infantry unit.

    Do i just turn up there on a tuesday night or what?
  13. Aye some RTC's get Mod 3 in Cyprus with real woka's or so I hear, crazy stuff (would have had UGL's too if there were any drill rounds lurking around no doubt).

    Regimental Summer balls, christmas parties, halloween, R&R, and random socials on the town cannot be missed.
  14. Ahh, C company. Good bunch of lads actually. And infantry is definitely the way forward. Just turn up on any Tuesday night mate and there'll be a recruiting NCO to let you know the score and take you through the application process.

    If you want any more information on my reg, send me a PM.
  15. What are you on about? If I don't understand I'm pretty sure thebigone won't!

    And you have a halloween ball? And... R&R?