Im at Southampton Uni and we have both a UOTC and a DTUS squadron and I was wondering what are peoples views about:

  • Officer Cadets at UOTC or DTUS units
  • Officer Cadets from UOTC or DTUS units at RMAS
  • EX UOTC or DTUS OCdts as officers or soldiers

Do people you've had experiences with go on about the DTUS or UOTC or to they tend to keep it to themselves?

It also seems that UOTC and DTUS people hate each other, does anyone know why this is?

As an ex-Soton Uni chap, and briefly in the DTUS before heading across to the URNU, I've got a fair idea...

DTUS cadets are a fairly recognisable bunch, especially in lectures/courses, if only because they know each other already, and spend quite a lot of time together. I think the Welbexians of my era (2000 - 03) were utter knobs, but that was a widely held view. The move to a tri-service Welback in a different location has changed this apparently.

OTC chaps also stand-out a little, if only because down at Jesters they all wearing the same uniform of OTC rugby shirt and jeans. Generally a likeable bunch, and from what I heard from my EUOTC little brother a fairly good OTC in general.

OTC and DTUS dislike each other in the same way the URNU and DTUS disliked each other: CSS geeks (as a massive generalisation!) vs wannabe Inf warriors (or Warfare Officers in the Dark Blue case). Entirely healthy, to be repeated once in service at every possible opportunity. Mollified only by those Combat Arms Officers who want to enter the Technical Career field post ICSC(L)!

Is the implied question about joining one or other of them? I would suggest the OTC is the better bet, if only because it's quite easy to go from OTC to a CS/CSS Regiment but relatively hard to go from DTUS to Combat Arm. Of course, some might say go to the many TA Units in Southampton (or local area), from 63 Sigs to 3 PWRR offer a better view of the Army than playing soldiers....


I'm actually in one of the units now, although still a few years off before I actually get anywhere!

The post was aimed more to gauge peoples reactions to Ex OTC/DTUS Officer Cadets in general. I know a few people certainly feel that being a welbexian isn't something to go round telling people, but I also hear stories where people go into Sandhurst (or equally Dartmouth) acting like they know everything because they have been to a University unit.

Just interested to see peoples views really.


I'm in UOTC, and we've got a local DTUS squadron. We don't really associate with them at all, but there's a little bit of banter on occasion, we've played them at rugby for example, and there's a few bragging rights(namely....ours, also I feel obligated to point out that Wellbeckian rugby is of a decidedly dirty sort!). Certainly don't hate them.

I will admit that most people in the UOTC at least, do go on a bit about it, myself included, but that's more because I hugely enjoy it and like to talk about stuff I enjoy.

I may be biased though in regards to DTUS.....until recently, my dad was the CO of the local DTUS squadron!

As for ex UOTC DTUS cadets going to Sandhurst, I'd say anyone who bangs on about it while there, is simply asking for the staff at Sandhurst to pick on them to put their money where their mouth is.
My experience of DTUS thus far has been fairly negative(i am at an OTC). A number of them come on our "tri service" nights (why we invited them i don't know) stand in a group with themselves and inform anyone passing how amazing they are/ how critical they are to the defense of the UK. I was lucky enough to be in a taxi with three of them to the club and they just spent a while telling me about why they were so amazing, their arguments were based on their guaranteed place in the engineers and about how amazing they are at building bridges very quickly.

i might just have met the worst kind, and i have no doubt that there are some good blokes amongst them but i have not come across any. on the plus side though i was chatting to quite a hot lesbian in DTUS a while ago, i would not have believed it if i had not seen it myself.....


As an outside observer via a number of Ski Trips with both (as an Instructor) I found them both to be pretty similar. More "Jointery" in DTUS and consequently some better looking Naval Birds! Definately more camaraderie in DTUS as it is a smaller organisation. I also seem to recall that to join DTUS (which replaced in service undergraduates) you have to already be "in" the service having passed RCB/AIB or have good hand/eye coordination at 18 if you want to join the RAF! You also of course have to be a technical wallah for DTUS (clue in the title) so I think there is little chance of going elswhere because we've paid for you to study.


DTUS - £4k bursary per year (if you pass the year academically, pass PFT, remain medically fit etc) + subsidised DSFC place. Not to be sniffed at. All DTUS OCdts destined to Offr Trg at RMAS, BRNC or RAFC Cranwell or if civil servants - to the DESG graduate scheme. The new DSFC is nothing like the old Army Welbeck. At DTUS Sqns you must turn up for every drill night, something not expected in the UOTC.


Stereotyping old fart!! LOL.

The recruiting into, regime and philosophy at the new Tri Service Welbeck at Loughborough is much changed from the Army Welbeck days at Nottingham and it helps that they don't go to Shriv any more - normal Unis instead. The output that has come fully from the new Welbeck will only be on their first tours post RMAS/BRNC/RAFC so it is very early to judge methinks.

If you have met loads of them as subbies over the last year or two and see them in the same light as the old Army Welbeck crowd I will respect your informed view. If not, I refer you to the top line of this post!

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