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Discussion in 'OTC' started by martija1, Nov 22, 2011.

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  1. I am currently in my first year of OTC training and hope to commission in my second year. After lots of reflection and thinking, I've decided that I want a role that is more humanitarian aid oriented and being a musician I have realised that joining a musical regiment would make a lot of sense. I’m just wondering, would I have to surrender my commission to transfer or could I keep it if I prove diligence. Also, does anyone know of the frequency of FTRS and tour opportunities given to TA musicians?

  2. Bagpipe playing is the way to go..then you can do a 'Bill Millin' in a 'sandy place'
  3. You may need to consider the Navy, but even they are limited in the instruments that they take on ops. Hydrophones, maybe?

    Alternatively, you could try the Yeomanry. Grand Piano (T)?

    You could also try that other Army, the one that's neither Regular nor Territorial. Salvation, I believe it's called.
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  4. He said humanitarian.
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  5. Before I start: Is this a Wah? ...... (shield up)

    Firstly, you will NOT commission. You may, however, be commissioned.

    Secondly. No, this must be a Wah. Joining the Army for humanitarian reasons? Errr, computor says no.

    A musical regiment? WTF? Do you particulary like singing? If so, join a Welsh battalion (do it quickly whilst we've still got some), I hear they like singing.

    Some Infantry Battalions retain a Corps of Drums - but they are normally the SF Machine Gun Platoon, so not very humanitarian - if you fancy playing the fife, drum or bugle.

    Lastly, there is now a thing call the Corps of Army Music (CAMUS). However, to my certain knowledge, to hold a commission in it one has to have come up through the ranks of the band. Corps of Army Music - British Army Website
  6. I dont think being Bono is a trade in the TA.
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  7. But being bone is a pre requisite in the TA.
  8. Just a thought but you could join the Regular Army as a musician. You won't get a commission that way (unles you work your way up to Bandmaster) but you will get to play a wide variety of music, to a high standard, with some impressively well-qualified fellow-musicians.
  9. Ye gods and little fishes. I take it all back. Puttees has pointed out (via the linky above and here for the idle amongst you Officer Cadet - British Army Website ) that one CAN now be commissioned as a Director of Music.

    Blimey. And to think they'll need saluting.
  10. Good on 'er! But can't help wondering why a Bandmistress has to do 44 wks at RMAS when dentists, doctors et all only do the short course?
  11. Dentists, doctors et al don't need to know how to send the woodwind section right flanking while the brass and percussion go charging up the middle in 8/8 time. Allegro, that is.
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  12. Tactical insertion of a brass quintet............................

    I believe CAMUS are trialing direct entry hofficers at Sandhurst....Like most management desicions CAMUS make it will pobably be a disaster!!
  13. Stay in the OTC. Musicians drink a lot so get in training !

    The suggestion that CAMUS is trialing the direct entry route for Directors of Music is news for me. IF correct then so be it. The RAF do full Cranwell training for their Directors but they come through the ranks first. I have my reservations about this. I believe that CAMUS want a General as their boss. Rankers getting a QM Commission can't get that high ! (Just a cynical thought !)

    Humanitarian means UN/Medicins Sans Frontiers et al to me. The army CAN provide humanitarian assistance. However, the primary role of the British Army is to defend the nation and our allies. This is done by presenting a credible killing capability. Humanitarian ???

    I have a good friend who is a Cpl TA musician. She has done several UK based FTRS stints. She was an OTC (RA affilliated) student in Ripon. She wanted a musical life so she surrendered her OTC status.

    You need to think about what you want. Music - go for it. Humanitarian work - go for it. Humanitarian music in the British Army ?????

    Good luck in any event.
  14. CAMUS currently have a former (bandy) JNCO at Sandhurst doing the full course. They will then go into a band as a 2ic in place of the traditional WO1 Bandmaster. They will then have to do Corps specific training to qualify as a Director of Music. This scheme will be opened up to graduates off the street. I personally think its the wrong way to go, but then I'm a dinosaur.......