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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by escape_artists_never_die, Oct 18, 2005.

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  1. Just a quick query; what are the rules ran in the mess's of the wider UOTC communtiy...
  2. Are you trying to find out something in particular??
  3. I'd like to know if "no politics & no religion to be discussed" is across the board as claimed and then a general overview anyway.
  4. Have you been involved in/seen a specific situation? I find it a strange question to ask otherwise. The basic line in our Mess is it isn't a topic for discussion

    Assuming you mean the cadets mess as with most mess rules its how things are applied by the mess members. Much of the how the mess runs is down to the CO, some will want it run like a mini officers mess others will have a different approach. The Mess should have a Group A Captain at least (if possible) to provide guidance to the PMC.

    Its hard to give a general overview because there are so many aspects involved.
  5. I am told CEUOTC insist on Ladies wearing "Suits" in the Mess.Harris Tweed and comfortable shoes as well? :?
  6. As exemplified by QUOTC?
  7. It's not that strange to ask - if i asked about another rule we have 'no less than double tots will be served' no one would find it strange. After checking our CSOs it was apparent that politics and religion were not taboo subjects - yet it's one of our mess rules that doesn't seem to be available for discussion by the wider mess committee.

    I then thought i'd like to hear other mess rules. I.e. do your mess's have 'god save the queen' - upon a 5pence being dropped into your drink you have 2 mins to drink it etc.
  8. But is it one the wider mess want to discuss??? Does the mess want it added?? is it because there is an issue?? If its not a problem then why does it need to be added?? Has it been brough up with the supervising officer?? So many questions so little time

    On your latter point two to think about in a similar vein:

    No bare midriffs (male or female)

    No "cocktails" to be sold over the bar
  9. I was told it was no sex, religion or politics ;)
  10. Sex in the mess is generally frowned upon,

    As far as Im aware we dont have rules "against" discussing such subjects its just that said subjects do not crop up that often.

    Re: God save the queen, In our mess the rules appear to be that upon the penny landing in someones pint thety are to drink the beverage at once so as to prevent the Queen from drowning - giving the old girl two minutes to languish at the bottom of the drink appears to be rather inconsiderate and possibly treasonous.

    Amongst other Wales OTC coy's the penny is a 2pence piece - thus preventing the "pennying" of bottled drinks as they dont fit through the neck - though why anyone would be drinking bottled beers or girly drinks is beyond me!
  11. TBH its a throwup between the OC and the PMC, whatever they come up with is to be taken as law. Even though the wider mess community may have different laws and traditions it is up to the OC and the PMC of the individual company as to what is and is not allowed.

  12. "The Peg" is important, when attached by a person, said person announces "Where's the peg" at which point the mess members have from the count of five downwards to search their persons for the peg. If the person to whom the peg is attached fails to find it they must finish their drink, if they do find it the person who attached the peg must do so.

    Cardiff Coy UWOTC
  13. Seen some of these do the rounds but are they actually mess rules or merely mess customs or traditions.

    Interesting the one about double measures, could be seen as a duty of care issue, particulary if documented.
  14. Most messes should have the rules up on display somewhere. These will obviously be similar to most TA messes, and quite different to regular messes for the obvious reason that it will cater for "livers in". The Mess Cttee decides upon the rules, and irrespective of the fact that you are OCdts and the PMC is usually a Maj the PMC does not necessarily rule with an iron fist. It's your mess as much as the Gp A officers, a point that was enforced by the CO of ULOTC when I was there (the Gp A's quite often saw the OCdts as there to subsidise their drinking and tried to have seperate rules for the OCdts than the ones applied to themselves). If you want your mess to thrive then it's important that you get involved in the running of the mess and not leave it to the mess JOU and the Gp As. If you don't feel a ban on female members of the mess drinking pints or wearing trousrers is appropriate then say so (those who recall "Victorian Dad" at ULOTC will remember him trying to have those rules introduced and the mess cttee rejecting them). Any PMC worth his or her salt will be concerned with life in the mess and if it dies because the OCdts clear off to a night club rather than go in after training then it will not reflect too well on them and that has to be remembered.

    Rules and "traditions" though are not the same bag and some so-called traditions were just plain daft, others a great crack. Unless it's utterly offensive then to my mind no subject should be banned from discussion, including politics and religion.
  15. You ever been in our Mess? We are not the ones who are currently being investigated by the MOD for posting Sectarian remarks on the internet, as well as photo's of Ocdt's posing with a woolly face and a GPMG.




    Guess which OTC???