UOTC - Leeds, Could i Get in?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by butters, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. im currently in a bit of a predicament. i joined the army last year and ended up DAOR'ing because i felt i had the potential to become an officer, i got onto a foundation degree course in leeds through leeds met, however there is an option to top up to a full BA(Hons) in social sciences in the third year, would it be possible to join the otc even based on this? because although there is the possibility i wouldnt go on to the third year, this could also be said of any degree.

    ive spoken to quite a few soldiers and officers about my ability to rejoin as an officer and they all seem to think itd check out fine as long as i did well on selection, and this is something i am very interested in. cheers, butters
  2. Firstly UOTC selection is not difficult. At all.
    As long as you don't start beating people over the head for not following your orders during the command tasks you should be fine.

    I'd be more concerned about whether they would take you in the third year of uni. If you are going on to RMAS after your third year they may take you if you make your case about gaining experience that would be useful for AOSB/RMAS.
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    They have selection for OTCs? Blimey. As I recall, the only selection test for Leeds OTC involved saying 'yes' when they asked me if I wanted to join.
  4. im really not bothered about the getting in via testing as im 100 percent confident i can with no trouble, my only drama is the legitimacy of my degree that im studying for and how that would affect my application :/
  5. Leeds is a little more selective now, biggest test after the medical is the 1.5 mile"risk reduction" run.

    London UOTC on the other hand is much more selective due to the large number of applicants per place.
  6. Your story sounds exactly the same as mine a few years ago.

    Personally, I joined the TA as a tom, finished my education; and apparently most importantly - got some life experiance.

    Now I'm hardly in a position to offer advice as I'm still working in civvi street but having said that, the only advice I got was "get some life experiance first".

    And I know this will uspet a lot of people on here, but a mate of mine was in a UOTC. We all know the TA is basically a drinknig club (ok not as much as it used to be...), but UOTC is, according to my OCdt mate (I cant believe i just admitted to having an orrificer cadet as a mate!) like sort of day-care facility.

    Good luck with it.
  7. You shouldn't have a problem getting in - I knew a guy in the OTC who was doing a college course. So long as you have at least 2 years left at uni/college and you're not a complete moron, you should be ok. And LUOTC's a good place to be as well ;)
  8. As a self-confessed "civvi", albeit one with past TA service, I suggest you do a little more homework before spouting such complete garbage.

    (Or have I just been wah'd?!?)
  9. So you've never been on a weekend that had been jacked up around, for instance, someone's leaving drinks, a birthday, promotion piss up etc etc?

    Don't get me wrong, a lot of guys do a lot of hard work in the TA (reading back, maybe i should have included this part in the first post) but the majority of weekends organised at a sqn/plt level revolve around a piss up. Besides, with beer at £1 a pop, it would be french not to!

    Reference my "used to be", we have a massive bar, into which you could fit about 200 people, and pictures of it rammed. But everybody in said pictures is wearing wooly jumpers and lightweights. Nowadays we're lucky to get 10 after a tuesday night.

    [wahzi hat] How could that have possibly been a wah?? [/wahzi hat]
  10. Certainly organising a social on a weekend is a good incentive, especially if you are doing a lot of training or something particularly prosaic like MATTS. I wouldn't say that makes the TA a drinking club however, rather the social aspect is an incentive and bonus to work hard.
  11. For further information please contact us at:

    Email: leedsotc-chclk@mod.uk
    Telephone: 01904 66 8624
    Alternatively, come and visit us at:

    Carlton Barracks
    Carlton Gate
    LS7 1HE
    Joining dates are in September so you'll have to wait until the next academic year. Give them a call on the above number.

    Rings a bell! I do remember having to do an assault course however, and one girl ended up sticking her teeth through her lower lip. Oh, happy days...
  12. the second question i remember was "do you have shiny black shoes?"

    which i proceeded to knack playing bar rugby in the bar at strensall on the first weekend.
    after that, knacking my ankle on the 1.5mile run and getting the camp taxi back was just the icing on the cake
    humiliating, nah! :oops:

    being told to grow my hair cos i looked like a squaddie by one of the PSI's however made me think again and i never went back
    (cept as a civvie for one of the balls - where my best mate drank the better part of a bottle of lambs rum & we had to take him to LGI in a lanny)

    if only i'd stuck it out, i'd be an orcifer and not a fat STAB wannabe sat in my pants eating bacon butties 8)
  13. As has already been mentioned having only one year left an uni will be an issue unless you a) have a place at RMAS or b) are fairly far through the process. ie. passed briefing and have a place on a mainboard (or are willing to get on a mainboard asap).

    With regards to selection it is VERY easy. This year only 4 of 100+ candidates failed. They all failed the mile and a half run and subsequently failed it again 2 weeks later on their second and final chance. The time required is a lung destroying 14 mins, you have to resemble 'the half-ton son' to fail it.
  14. haha yeah i know, i can mile and half in 8 and a half minutes when im on form and the rest of the PT is no problem and shouldnt be for a good 50 years haha. cheers for the advice, think im gonna go for TA up at carlton as im living in hyde park at the mo, quick mile walk cant be sniffed at!