Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by goatbagthedruid, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. Right, these obviously still happen.

    I remember doing them seven ago. They were doing gunnery with a massive hangover, followed by drinking ourselves to oblivion in the bar, followed by shagging the UOTC bicycle. repeat for two weeks.

    Any other stories??

    Oh, and who has the most up for it birds as my mess needs a night out!
  2. the UOTC birds now just shag the paras....good old cum trench.....

    for anyone who doesnt know, she was being taken by the medic only for a para to walk in, ask if he could join in only for her to reply "only if i can wear your beret"

    classy lass.....
  3. Sadly (hmm) I don't think we will be seeing the lady in question this courses camp... she was last seen taking vast amounts of money for MTQ1 t-shirts from her trg wing platoon and has been MIA since!
  4. I remember doing a drill order with the pack how, just for the delight of the QM (Maint) of 40 Fd. He stood there in tears as we carried out the drills, apparently it reminded him of his time in Aden. He then said - "of course we were the fastest gun, we could get one gun in in two minutes.

    Well everyone likes a challenge, so we put two cadetship officers, me, another huge gorilla, the best layer (Hello Jez? Still in Hereford?) and the most experienced number one in a sub. Well we had the thing in, line passed in 1 minute fifty! What fun...

    The best thing though was a certain lady, later commissioned into the Signals, offering him her honour for a jersey HW! Personally I think he was gypped.
  5. Is that some kind of code that us non sandy lidded people won't be able to break? :roll:
  6. No, it's a way of saying "Hello"=hello, to a guy called "Jez" i.e. affectionate diminutive of Jeremy, who is indeed a member of the SAS, and therefore presumably "still in Hereford"..unless he has been RTU'd :D :D :D

    Codetastic? erm no, that would have been "the grey bear is heavier than the tree-top that sighs at night..." I expect you would soon get the hang of it Big Jobs, in a hat full of sky? :D
  7. Was she in Cambridge UOTC?? If so, I may have dabbled a few times! :wink:
  8. at night?! Crapsticks I need to get HQ on the blower straight away.
    Thank god "my luminous iguana is no longer in the open" other wise it would have been "no more cucumber sandwiches and one chocolate enema for everyone"
  9. no cum trench was a hole different kettle of fish. who was the cambs lass will she be on KG6?
  10. Oh shit, think belt_fed_wombat and I may be spunk brothers. :cry: (the nearest I can get to symbolising being sick!)
  11. no forgetting orifice getting turned down by a bird who looked like ron weasley......
  12. I think I know the one you mean.. womble or somthing, certain people were spreading viscous (and untrue) rumours about my intentions with her this summer, was not happy!
  13. In hind sight thank god she did... uhhhhhh
  14. Indeed, thank God she did. She'd have regretted it, for sure. No self respecting girl is going to forgive herself for touching someone like Orifice.
  15. We've gone through this one - The CUOTC chick got her ton up - most of which was done through the medium of the OTC. Shouldn't name her, but sounds like Racy Ways.

    You go girl...