UOTC Gun Tps without Guns? No more Gun Camps!!

Discussion in 'OTC' started by goatbagthedruid, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. Should be funded as a recruiting tool urgently

  2. A good recruiting tool but ops take precedence

  3. Waste of time and money

  1. Have recently heard that the Gun Tps in UOTCs will be without guns, ammunition, guns courses and camps.

    Traversty. I spent many an hour"interacting" with the other UOTCs on guns courses or camps. Had a great time and made me join the RA.

    Can anyone tell me what the Tps do now and what the feeling is about this?

  2. Feel pretty good really. Gun Tps are an overindulgence. My OTC didn't have them and I spent some time in the RA.

    ...and any white hairs I have are due to occasionally doing safety for OTC gun troops.
  3. My OTC was infantry only.... I never really understood the need for different branches...
  4. msr

    msr LE

    If you want guns, speak to your local RA(V).

  5. waste of money, my otc is all infantry, works well enough.
  6. Gun troops are a waste of money anyway. A chance for those with a penchant for big bangs to get a hard on.
  7. My OTC was inf only, worked fine and we supplied OCdts and 2Lt's to Inf, RA, Sig, Eng and Int units. So I would say Inf only OTC's work just fine.
  8. NUOTC doesn't need guns. My brothers nephew is there says its alright!?
  9. No need. Go TASO with an RA cap badge, and enjoy all the training that your sposoring unit enjoys. Waste of effort and money. The resources can be better used to support ops. Simple...
  10. Although my UOTC days were over 15 years ago - feel I may as well add some input....

    Wouldn't go so far as to say they are an overindulgence - sounds a tad like sour grapes just as your OTC lacked one.

    In years after it may have become common place, but at the time it was a first - my UOTC, while at Sennybridge, did a series of large scale (for OTC's) live advance to contact exercises where the art'y fire support was supplied by the gun troop.
    Admittedley there was a heavy safety element in place - but it was "nice" to be involved in that, on that scale, with your own guys/gals blatting the shells overhead.

    I was something of a jack-of-all-trades within the OTC anyway - nominally in the Engineer unit, but preferred Inf' myself - and as then g/frd was a gunner I managed to wangle the slot (no pun intended) as the recce driver.

    Many good times spent care of the 'Gunners' unit.... that said, operational needs must come first.
  11. Not really. My OTC was a fantastic experience unencumbered by the need to be shockingly amateur on a very dangerous and complex piece of equipment.

    And I'd conservatively estimate that I have CPO'd, BRO'd, Safety Officered and FOO'd about 45,000 rounds so don't really feel all that left out.
  12. I was told that OTC will recommence Military Driving training lessons in the New Year. You watch the numbers go up!!
  13. If OTC cadets would like to see how the guns work or go on gun camps all you need to do is contact your local TA RA unit. We currently have 3 TASO's who are benefitting from being in the TA.
  14. I dont understand why the courses and camps are being done away with, surely the camps dont cost that much. Or is it the cost of getting on the guns that is the factor as it was with KG6? If so why not encourage more gun troops training with their local TA troop to share resources in terms of safety staff and equipment? It makes sense, i was told that in one morning at KG6 an OTC would fire off £15k worth of rounds, no other troops sucks up that much funding! And yes im well aware the competition has been done away with now, just using it as an example.
  15. Back in 1990's at ULOTC I saw a report by my CO recommending the disbandment of Gun troops as he felt they were expensive and taught too much technical gunnery and not enough leadership.... to be fair he may have had a point.... I came from an AD background and the WALES UOTC was air defence and they didn't have Launchers... wouldn't hav emissed it for the world though.