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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by sucramdoow, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. Hello all,

    Just a quick enquiry. I am hoping to join the OTC in Bournemouth. BUT, I am not attending the Bournemouth University, I am going to the Arts University College of Bournemouth. Will this be a problem?

    Also, does anyone know what the Bournemouth/Southampton branch of the OTC is like?

    (I am calling up tomorrow, but thought I would ask here anyway. I emailed a few days ago but have not got a reply back)

  2. They won't let you join.

    Southampton - British Army Website

    It took me 10 while seconds to find that with the aid of Google.

    If you are incapable of doing that for yourself, I really wouldn't get your hopes up for university or becoming an officer either. That said, you are going to university at some bogus ex-poly (if it's even old enough to be ex-poly) 'arts university' which means your degree will hold less qualificational value than a provisional driving license, because even a complete retard could get a first.

    But shit does happen.
  3. I already found that. But it doesn't exactly answer the question whether AUCB is considered. Usually the BU incorporates the AUCB, especially when it comes to the gym.

    I went to the Army website and asked online, but the person did not know, so by that I'm assuming it's a possibility. He recommended that I ring up the Southampton branch and ask, which I will intend to do. But I thought maybe, just maybe, someone could give me an answer here.

    Thanks for your help.
  4. No really, the UOTCs only let in people from their university quota, not just any student in the surrounding area.

    If AUCB is PART of BU, then you can go. If AUCB is a separate entity that shares it's gym through a separate agreement, then no you can't.
  5. That wasn't so hard was it.

    Looks like it's the TA then.
  6. Out of interest, why didn't you fancy the TA before?

    The roles of the TA and OTC are very different, if you want to play in uniform at the weekend the TA isn't ideal anymore as their prime role is to prepare guys for deployments in operational theatres. The OTC is geared towards developing people to later became Army Officers. The TA is geared towards getting guys out to war in the rank and job that they hold whilst training for it.

    PS - what are you studying? If you hope to get a career in the creative arts I would contemplate a last minute reconsideration. It looks like a lovely place but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of 'after university' success stories.
  7. I did want to join the TA first. But then I found out there was a UOTC branch in Bournemouth. After researching it, people have said that it is catered towards students. To be honest, I would prefer the TA. The OTC is always referred to as a drinking club... and I'm not much of a drinker.

    I would like to go on tour, but only after Uni. And I don't think they do a summer tour especially for students.

    I am studying Film Production. I've done my research, and this is one of the best Universities for film. I have studied there, but only on a Diploma course. It's not the piece of paper saying I got a qualification I want, it's the potential to get contacts that will eventually get my foot in the door. I'm sure you know the saying in the media industry, it's not what you know, it's who you know.
  8. You're correct there's not, but from what you've said I'd go straight to the TA. It's not as easy to fit around your studies as UOTC, but it'll gear you towards going on tour from the start, which is not what the OTC is there for. The opportunities for courses will likely be far better too, since you holding the qualifications is of far more use to the TA than the OTC, (as everyone has to leave the OTC after 3/4 years, they'll be putting you on courses in the hope you'll stay there for a long time).

    Your point is exactly what would put me off that place. To work in film you'd be far better studying in London where there are plentiful work experience opportunities on a daily basis.
  9. Not sure but I was under the impression you had to be ex-non-SAS-TA or ex-regular to join TA SF?
  10. Yeah I noticed they were able in the area, but I think the commitment for that would be much more, and I want to focus on my education.
  11. TA SAS are flexible on this depending on the individual and the policy (in the mind of the hierarchy) at the time, TA Sigs (even attached to UKSF) are rather less choosy (after all they're not really SF (even TA SF) are they?)
  12. That's why I drifted towards the OTC because it would fit around my studies. I honestly don't know how much my work load would be for my course. It is a film course, so I would imagine I would need to use my free time to go out and film etc. I'll have to talk to the recruitment office or 6 Rifles (the local TA unit) to see if it would be beneficial.

    You are right, being in London would be a better opportunity. But before I realised there was a course I could attend, I had already chosen my courses on UCAS. I also did not get the required grades for most of my choices, this was the result of my course and course teachers (At one point I was told not to bother applying for any Universities as my work wasn't great.. don't forget, this was an art course). It wasn't aimed at people wanting to do film, it was aimed more towards people who had just come out of school. The work was... tedious to say the least. Drawing naked people and doing boring screen printing isn't exactly what I had in mind when I decided to do film, the course was merely a stepping stone to get me into Uni.

    Anyways! I plan to move to London after I finished my course. Where the TA will fit into this, only time will tell.
  13. Not being funny mate, but in the current climate, don't make the mistake of thinking that because your UCAS form didn't have the right universities, and because you didn't get the grades, it is too late to find a course that will suit you. The UCAS system and grades system are simple ways of computer-ising things which could be done by human beings. In exceptional circumstances, it can still be done by human beings, if you ask for that.

    So, if you want to study in London (which, for film, I would say, IF YOU WANT A JOB IN IT POST-UNI, You NEED to study in London; simply because you need to get on the work experiences. Upon finishing you will find posting CVs and portfolios achieves the square root of **** all, and the only chance of getting a job is hooking up with somebody who you've already worked for, either for free, on work experience, internship, or even paid), don't just go to Bournemouth College of Arts or whatever it's called, you're wasting your time and a significant amount of money (£20,000 by the end of it in tuition fees alone. Then there's living costs, and then the fact that you're not earning. All in all, you'll be £50,000 behind where you would be had you just worked in Asda, and, career-wise, probably no closer) doing something which wasn't really of benefit, solely due to an administrative restriction that can easily be worked around.

    If you're serious about a career in the film industry, I would strongly consider binning this Bournemouth bollocks, find a simple job at a local temping agency or whatever (for what i'm about to suggest, temping is ideal). Spend the next 6 months doing amateur filming... from amdram groups to band videos to skaters / bmx'ers to... whatever you can get your hands on. Apply for university again, citing your previous course but predominantly using your work to help you get in, explain how you have struggled academically but have your awesome portfolio work from your year out, and how you hope to combine that with a fresh start in education to get a degree. If you sell it properly, you'll easily get into a good London university, and you've actually then got a living chance of getting a genuine film career.

    I know you just came on here looking for answers about OTC, and this wasn't really what you were looking for, but honestly, I'd really consider making the drastic move.
  14. This isn't my forte but don't RADA, the Bristol Old Vic and other such places offer similar courses? Surely that would give you an impressive CV with ample networking opportunities. Bournemouth just doesn't strike me as the heart of British cinema
  15. Quite. Aside from the networking opportunities it's the filming opportunities, in the cities a lot more stuff wants filming.

    I maintain, it's never too late to do what you want. No point doing something that's not going to help you because at first shot you couldn't partake in what would. 3 years is a big commitment to piss up the wall on a meaningless degree when just a year out could put you on one that'll actually mean something, and beyond the degree meaning something, put you in a position where you can develop a professional career.