UOTC bad press

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bubsnicket, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    FFS, someone needs to have a word with whoever posted the pictures on Facebook.

    So much for a university education :roll:

  2. Shock headline

    "Students bahave badly and get drunk"

    Watch next week for shocking news about bears and the Pope.
  3. A slow news day

    So what anyway?

    We dont see Accountants in KKK costume party shocker do we?

    I imagine this is off the back of Harry's mate selling footage of that exercise and Paki comments
  4. They managed to link story with a picture of Harry - who I am pretty sure was never in the UOTC for some reason or other!

    Just as well the story wasn't in the Daily Mail or the outrage bus would have been hammering down the left hand lane
  5. Ding ding ! Look to your left ! It was the Mail - all aboard !
  6. *Yawn* I fail to see how UOTC cadets count as "trainee army officers." since practically no-one actually does MOD 4 to become a STAB, and most that do stay with their OTC. IIRC it was also usually the training staff wearing the most horrendous outfits....

    I also await with interest the undercover report into the heinous activities Boys Brigade, Girl guides and the CCF engage in when out on the razz.
  7. Pound for Pound - the UOTC system is probably one of the biggets negative drains on the MOD Recruiting system.

    It's purely a machine for Uni Students to get paid (£50+) for getting pisssed and shagged whilst doing bit of military training at weekends.

    How many of them go on to graduate as Officer's....?

    Not many.
  8. Um, I'm not exactly sure of the figures but the UOTC and other schemes of its ilk do provide a significant proportion of the entrants at Sandhurst, TA and Regular.

    PS. You sound a tad bitter about the getting paid and shagging bit.
  9. And those who don't go on to serve at least have some idea of what the Armed Foreces are all about... Knowledge that is sadly lacking in some (especially political) quarters.
  10. I've joined the TA instead of LUOTC whilst in University. I'm looking at joining the regulars once I've finished uni (always wanted to join the armed forces since my dad was in for years), have I done the right thing by joining the TA?
  11. Bilge. Cadets start on around £39 a DAY which only goes up to about £45 after minimum two years service, only when training, and as cat B reservists get a paltry bounty compared to other reservists (which i don't disagree with.) Ironically more join the regs than the TA both during and after uni.

    If you're looking for pork in the military there are much better, easier targets.
  12. The current figures from my brigade are that 40% of people who spent 3years service with the OTC, ie their entire university life, go on to become an officer in either the regulars or TA.
    By the end of those 3 years an OTC officer cadet will get 45 pound a day and a bounty of about 160 pound, compared to a TA bounty of 1500 pound.

    Just throwing some facts into the mix.
  13. Surely it is more shocking that the (Marxist) New Labour government members dress up as normal people.
  14. Bit early to be pished isn't it? :roll: Can you go and crayon somewhere else please?