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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by SGHH, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Do people think it would be possible to carry on playing sport seriously at Uni (i.e. that required large amounts of time) whilst being a member of the OTC and actually getting anywhere?

    Im talking about rowing specifically, and anyone who does it will know that it takes up stupid amounts of time, generally 9/10 sessions a week for a serious Uni rower...........................
  2. No, assuming you will be going into first year you will just be a burden to your platoon.

    Think long and hard what you want to do when put all your effort into whatever you decide
  3. As much as I think the OTC is great, I would stick to the rowing in the first year aleast and then asses how much time you have availble. esp, weekends (i.e do rowing comp take place on weekends?)

    Also what sort of course are you planning on doing? as this is affect your amount of free time.
  4. well im hopefully going to be doing a BA in theology, so about 10 hours of lectures etc probably.

    I'm applying this year, and also starting the application process to sandhurst, however I haven't had the briefing day yet so it's all to come. I was just wondering because if the Army decide they do want you and give you a confirmed place after the RCB to be taken up after Uni wouldn't they expect you to join the OTC in order to show commitment?
  5. No, The fact you have gone to RCB and passed it is committment enough. Although it can be handy to be in the OTC to get attachments etc during the summer.

    Remember if you are going to join the Army you might want to take advantage in NOT spending lots of time in green beforehand.

    What OTC are you looking at joining, PM me if you don't want to post this
  6. In principle you are correct.

    If the Army offer you sponsorship for your degree - ie a Bursary - you would be required to join your local OTC.

    However the level of training you will be required to do is a matter for discussion between you and your OTC CO.

    You may be able to get the CO to agree to you only putting in a minimal attendance at the OTC and concentrating on high level representative sport, especialy if you are on the books of the unit and can take part in Army level sport and represent the unit.

    If you think this is likely and you know which university you are going to I would contact them personaly as soon as possible and ask to speak to the Adjt and talk this through. It will depend on individual COs view of sport v Army training.

    PM me for more details if you want.
  7. On the subject of sport...what is sport like in the UOTC? I was going to join the uni rugby team but after reading this post I doubt I can! How much opportunity is there for sport and is it taken seriously? E.g training every week and have a match like once a month (at least?). How many teams does each UOTC have? Like one for each year?
  8. Kipper
    There are opportunities to play sport within the OTC, as a rugby player you can try out for the Army teams. We have one player within our OTC who plays for the U21 development squad (and gets paid to train).

    The amount of sport each unit plays is very much down to the individual unit, if the rugby officer is active then it can be good. It probably worth joining both and seeing how it pans out, remember you are under no commitment to stay for any duration of time within the OTC.
  9. Kipper,

    I can only reiterate what eegeek has said.

    There are lots off opportunities for sports within OTCs. The details of exactly what is on offer in any particular unit will vary from time to time depending on the availability and enthusiasm of those staff and officer cadets prepared to put the work in to organising the events.

    My unit certainly has very active football, rugby, and hockey teams as well as a shooting team and sailing team. We have had people try out for the Army u 21 rubgy team. One officer cadet succesfully manages a hard degree (law) at a decent university, with OTC and membership of the GB u 21 dinghy squad, and is also an army bursar. However this does require serious commitment and careful time management - which is not every students strong point! Do be careful of taking on too much and messing up your degree.

    Have a look at the web site of the OTC you are planning to join and you will hopefully get a good idea of what opportunities are available (assuming the web site is up to date). You will also find out much more by chatting to the team who will be at all the main freshers fayres and at the open evening- which all units run.

    Have fun.
  10. It is virtually impossible. I tried in my first year and they simply aren't compatible if you want to do uni-standard rowing, even as a novice.

    Uni rowing is generally training mon and tues, on the water wed afternoons, training thurs and outings at the weekends. depending on locations of boat club and otc that might bugger you for drill nights for a start, i was lucky because my accomodation was very near otc.

    The main problem will not be your OTC but the rowing coach, who wont like you missing up to four outings in a weekend. you will have to negotiate with him. find out which weekends are musts from otc and rowing and de-conflict.

    Remember this however, if you want to row properly, uni is a fantastic opportunity. If you want to go into the Army as a career you will have plenty of time for green stuff, leaving it a year won't hurt.

    PM me if you want specifics, as there are ways of managing it. where are u going to uni, do you already row?
  11. Thanks for all the replies. Im going to Brookes, rugby training would be on a mon, thurs and sat (match) and uotc would be on the tues and some weekends aswell. Il take a bash at both of them, spend about a month or so in each, then see either which I prefer or if I can keep them both up...

    ...got to get in first!