Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by wannabeloggie, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. Do UOTCs have PTIs? Are they OCdts or other? Do all units have them, and are there any pattersn to where they are ? I ask because i'm looking at going over to the UOTC.
  2. 1. Yes they do
    2. OCdts could do the course while I was there but may depend on whether the qual is needed or if there are enough permanent staff who hold the qualification. UOTCs are also now skint which may have a bearing.
    3. Yes they do and no there arent. Its a secondary qualification, unit PTI's also have other jobs within their units theyre just able to take blokes for phys as well.

    If youre talking about PT corps thats something different entirely and not something I have any knowledge of.
  3. Yes we do. I think ours at the moment has 3 OCDT's who are PTI's. They went away to do the course last year, and became our PTI's when they completed it. At ours though there is one member of the TA staff there who is also a PTI.
  4. I'm one of the 5 PTIs we have at my OTC unit, 4 of us have the TA(basic) qualification and the other has the intermediate, the RAPTC is offering the advanced course for all TA next year. we're all OCdts.
  5. Good to hear. There was a point when APTC were not taking OCdts on PTI courses "because they are only Pte soldiers" or some such.
  6. while it was a bit awkward on the course because the instructor had a massive dislike to OTC OCdts (and women.. lol), the Sgt did understand that, in my case, i'm not an OTC thruster waving my MOD90 around, i'm at university doing only what i can do at the present: the OTC before i go off to Sandhurst (hopefully! main board is next week!), that and we do need PTIs, the course has boosted my fitness but also my confidence and given me a worthy role to play in the unit, if anyone is considering doing it i say get on a course!
  7. Well that is indeed wht htey are...

    If there was some sort of JNCO equivalency for the OTC chaps it could end a lot of dramas. Doesn't West Point operate a system where teh ranks of their Cadets are equiv to NCO ranks...

  8. It sort of works like that after 2 years, you're given the role of section commander, plt sgt or plt cmd, depending on whether you've attained your commission and/or shown competence in those roles, however, knowledge of the role might be high but there is no experience and thats what counts so for obvious reasons the rank isn't bestowed.
  9. and of course, because the NCO cadres haven't been completed!