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Hi chaps,
im aware that you can do P coy when you're in the UOTC, although apparently not the actual jump course and was wondering wether there is anyone who knows if it is possible to do the TA all arms commando course instead?
I've not seen anyone with the green beret or heard of any ocdt doing the course but I cant see any obvious barriers to attendance.
If anyone can shed some light on the matter, it would be greatly appreciated!
If an extra badge is what you're looking for, there used to be a course called Green Student for UOTC Ocdts run by 29 Commando RA which lasted a week and if completed allowed you to sew a wee dagger badge onto your wooly pully (this was a few years ago). If it still goes on, maybe you can sew it onto your 95s?
Good luck getting on any non essential courses as part of a UOTC, since they apparently havent had their funding restored (according to a UOTC member I was talking to at the weekend)
The OTC's a shop window, and should be seen and enjoyed as such. Why not save being a Course bandit until actually in, then you can go crazy collecting qual badges like a boy scout? :roll:
I appreciate that this is an old thread, but first time I've seen it. So just in case anyone is still interested in knowing the answer:

There is no UOTC All Arms Cdo Cse (AACC).
The reason for this in the reason for the existence of the AACC.
It is designed to qualify services other than Royal Marines in order that they can serve with 3 Cdo Bde. Hence 29 Cdo Royal Artillery or 59 Indep Cdo Sqn Royal Engrs for example. It is also currently used to train up a 4th manouevre unit to assist 3 Cdo Bde from The Rifles.

As there is no operational requirement for UOTC to work alongside 3 Cdo Bde - as by definition you cannot deploy, so there is no UOTC AACC.

As the Meerkat would have it...Simples.

It is not just an additional badge to collect. As far as wearing of the badges goes:

The Red Dagger on a black background is worn at any time by all who have completed AACC. When you are actually working with 3 Cdo Bde however you wear the square flash and dagger which is normally black on green outside of 'ganners/iraq etc.
In addition to which and under local authority, qualified Army pers can wear a shoulder flash reading Army Commando to reflect the Royal Marines Commando Shoulder Flash.

Cdo Green berets are worn by anyone who has passed either AACC or the Reg Course with their own cap badge. Don't however confuse it with the lime green thing worn by Adjt Generals Corps.

...and finally, if you want to wear a green beret you can of course buy one on ebay...many do - but you will never know what it means.

Or you can just join the RM or RMR and find out.

.....and Rest!...
Green Student was one of a suite of Royal Artillery based courses designed to woo OTC cadets to join the Gunners. The badge that used to be "awarded" at the conclusion of the weeks "course" was pink and green I think - or possibly faded red and green...it was awful twee but the course was a real decider if you felt you wanted to go to 29.

I had really decided to go Gunner at 17 but allowed myself to be wooed via courses and Ex. Bullpup or whatever it was called. Other courses which were fed to me by Cols. Hatch and Brake at that time were the RA Schoolboy Parachuting course and the RA Schoolboy Rugby Tour. Luckily I was not tall and blond, so I was neither invited to that cottage in the New forest nor to put 1RHA at the top of my wish-list!
In thoery UOTC cadets can attend commando training. TASOs certainly do.

You have to do the pre commando weekends (1st of every month) with 131, which will take 6-7 months, before attending the course.
I would just say man up and join your local RMR unit.

It takes about 2 years and you can't see anymore of your UOTC buddies/leave when you want/be an officer but at least you would earn the Beret, Cap Badge and the Commando Flash.
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