Unwelcome research? Africans are thick!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steven, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. http://news.independent.co.uk/sci_tech/article3067222.ece

    This is going to cause some right punch ups among the chattering classes.
    This guy is a Noble Laureate and a clever bloke by all accounts.

    Has he lost the plot in his dotage or was he misreported?

    Or is he just a closet KKK member who has managed to grab the headlines.
  2. Anti-racism campaigners called for Dr Watson's remarks to be looked at in the context of racial hatred laws. A spokesman for the 1990 Trust, a black human rights group, said: "It is astonishing that a man of such distinction should make comments that seem to perpetuate racism in this way. It amounts to fuelling bigotry and we would like it to be looked at for grounds of legal complaint."

    Very wrong: Scientific debate should never be stiffled by laws or silenced through the courts. If people disagree with his views, consider them to be pseudo science, or the rantings of a bigot they should find hard evidence to refute them and expose him as a crank. To prosecute him is to lend credence to his opinions and potentially restrict future research and debate.

    There might also be a measure of truth in what he says; I don't know, I haven't read the research and probably wouldn't have enough scientific background to analyse and compare it to other theories.

    I do know that research shouldn't be dismissed simply because it is ideologically unpalatable to various segments of society. That is not how we progress.
  3. Anyone commenting on this needs to tread extremely carefully or will be labled a racist. I have some sympathy for the man, simply because if all the usual suspects of the anti-racism industry gang up on him then he probably has something useful to say. I am not saying he is right, but the current levels of PC totalitarianism have prevented any real debate, and thus racialist people will continue to be able to spout their nonsense with recourse to the argument that people support them, but are too scared to say so openly.

    There was a study back in the 80's that showed that the IQ of blacks was several points lower on average than that of equivalent white people. The race industry denounced it as racist science and it sank. There was no proper debate about why such findings could be made. As a result people do not know if it was because black people genuinely are stupid (rather unlikely), or because the black population in Britain does not (on average) receive as good an education as that of whites, nor were any socio-economic factors examined, because debate was stiffled. As a result a chance was lost to closely examine the way Britain educates its children.

    The socialist/communist mantra of "one size fits all" education is simply a false dream because children are not all the same. Each group is subject to different pressures and influences. Too often the race industry uses exceptional students to deny what is happening, but this is a false lesson. Only recently has the black "community" looked at its children and stated that they need better role models than rapper "gangstas" and drug dealers. Currently the education and social system is failing a generation of children. IQ test results are directly influenced by a child's education: a strict and rigorous education gives an agile and disciplined mind. A "modern" education often leads to poor reasoning, poor knowledge and poor recall facilities.

    Finally, to educate people what is the difference between a racist and a racialist (as the race relations industry has hijacked the term 'racist',) I thought it would be useful to put down the old, original definitions here:

    A racist believes that there are differences between the races of man. Caucasians are different from Blacks who are different from Orientals who are different from Aboriginals who are different from Asians. Differences can be very subtle or striking, and can be of physical appearance and ability, or mental state.

    A racialist believes that one race is better than all the others (funnily enough the people who believe this normally put their own ethnicity at the top).

    Nearly all people are racist (in the old sense). Stereotypes of blacks being unable to swim or being large in the trouser snake department, blacks being able to make the best runners or athletes, etc. All these generalisations are racist. They are not meant with any ill-feeling or intimation of supremacy of one group over another, but they are still racist (in the old sense).
  4. IIRC correctly, this guy has a tendency to say controversial things without providing much data at the time to support his pet theories. In other words, a guaranteed inflammatory soundbite.

    But there was a similar furore over The Bell Curve, as the article mentioned, and that book's been basically disregarded by most reputable scientists. Now, who remembers it unless something like this comes up?
  5. slightly bonkers cause I'm going to do better than some bushman at an iq test but I'm likely to die in the Kalahari :roll:
    IQ tests don't measure intelligence as most research proved.
    he also claimed mothers should be allowed to abort babies that would turn out to be gay. so slightly right of atilla the hun :twisted:

    pushing genetics too far and ending up looking a fool
  6. Heres a scientific fact for you; men of asian decent are likely to have a smaller penis length than those of African decent.

    If any asians would like to bring a 'legal complaint' against me feel free, however you will of course have to prove I was making it up, whereas there is plenty of medical and scientific reports suggesting it is true.

    Doesn't make me a racist does it?
  7. Eugenics perhaps?

    The more I read about this guy the more I reckon "slightly bonkers" is a good description of him.

    Doesn't mean he is wrong though. IQ tests show that Ashkenazi Jews & Japanese score higher than Europeans on IQ tests but no one claims these studies are racist or unscientific but the same studies show that Africans score lower and these studies are wrong.

    As Dread says this is a very thorny subject that could be very useful in helping to understand just exactly why children of African descent, boys especially, do so badly at school as a group.

    But as soon as anything like this is reported the PC brigade go into Shark feeding frenzy mode and the report gets trashed.
  8. Maybe a cynical ploy to publicise his speaking tour in the UK. You can just see them lining up to have a pop at him at every venue. Some of his ideas are offensive but then again Darwin's Theory of Evolution was seen by many as offensive and incongrous with their religious beliefs when first published.
  9. I seem to recall that there was some work done in this area a few years ago that put the Asians at the top of the pile and us Caucasians somewhere around the middle. There was a great deal of coughing and sweeping under carpets at the time. The fear of being labelled racist stifles reasonable debate over the practical differences between races which is a shame since the recognition that we are different in a number of ways might make understanding easier.

    Brighton Hippy is right, you can't measure intelligence on the same scale . . and IT_Guy, I understand the Mexicans have the advantage over us all so you won't hear them complaining.
  10. Ahhem, have you made an...er...'detailed' study of this subject?
    You seem to speak with some confidence....
  11. It is not racist to state, for example, "Latin American people are lactose intolerant." (I'm using this one because my friend is doing her PhD on forensic anthropology on this particular subject, lactose and migration patterns, and I'm providing her with hair samples as a "New World" control source.) It's a fact. People of indigenous American descent can almost never process milk. We never developed a need for it, apparently.

    But I think it IS racist/racialist/whatever to conclude that, because my ancestors did not acquire an ability to drink milk and therefore develop a system for cultivating cows, like their European counterparts, that we are somehow "less intelligent" or "inferior." I am certainly neither. If he's applying that kind of logic to African tribes, then he's an idiot.

    But I would never file legal action against someone for stating what they feel is an academic theory to that effect. I can ignore them or laugh at them instead. Or publish my own study that contradicts theirs.
  12. True.

    So, considering the vast majority of users on this site are white british (I'm guessing, but I think its a safe bet) lets cover our arrses and say; we aint the most clever, far from it. Jews and Orientals are. And Africans are at the bottom of the IQ league. That way the label of 'white supremeasist' is avoided. No one's going to make the accusation of 'average racist'

    If ever, ever any one is in the Pitts Rivers Museum in Oxford (as you do) check out the comparison between the asian, european and african skulls. Guess which one's the biggest...yep, old Mr Yamaha. The smallest?...that will be the glorious nation that produces health ministers that claim aids can be cured through taking garlic and lemon juice...still relies on witch doctors...burns homosexuals...circumcises women

    No crime in pointing out the darn obvious. Ol' mr anglo saxon sure aint the cleverest. We produced Jade Goody. And I'd rather sit next to Shilpa Shetty on a bus any day of the week.

    But the point being, like all these discussions...this is already leading onto topical social issues...

    I'll say Indians, Orientals are facking clever and produce an above average populace in terms of IQ, as do the Jews. I'll say Afrcans probable arent any where near them, and the old racist school teacher argument doesnt wash because Indians are ethnic minorities also.
  13. No, but it does make you look like someone looking for an excuse to stare at other blokes' wedding tackle.
  14. Absolute rubbish, anybody going to the continent of Africa can see that they are advanced as the West, with Democracy, technology, commitment, honesty, er er er er.....
  15. Bagwell: just because someone is from an ethnic minority doesn't mean they are incapable of being a bigotted twat!

    I am racist not racialist (see my first post above). While I see differences between the races of man, I do not see any as 'superior' in the old Nazi sense.

    On a flippant note, if genetics advances to the state where it can be applied to adults, I will be first in thw queue to get a bigger brain, more athletic body and a bigger cóck. I will stick with the baldness and the ugly nose as my wench likes them :)