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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by krnkat, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. can someone please help with info..............
    My wife is pregnant and its a high risk pregnancy so I've been made undeployable, for a short while. The RCMO seems to think posting me even though I'm only into a quarter of this posting!! He wants me to move to the other side of the country to do a job I've done before and would never want to do again. Its also 300 miles from any family for support to my wife ect.. My wife really doesn't want to go and is in tears constantly.

    The thing is once the baby comes and is a few months old it will not affect my job what so ever. how do i go about staying here???

    The baby is due Oct there looking to post me Jan but by Jan everything will be back to normal for me is my emplyability status
  2. Tried them and have used them before their no help here, everyone I know thats used the one here in the past ended up with social services a their door

    I'm signals
  3. Ask for OC`s interview

    Ask for a CO`s interview

    Talk to SSAFA

    Padre no help?

    Families officer?

    Mate I really do feel for you, but there should be some sort of support/help/advice available at unit level or within the garrison.

    RCMO`s are generally there to look after you, and will usually consult the CO when it comes to issues like this, you need to find out WHY they want to post you........what are your CRs like?
  4. Social services at the door - if they can help use them. They're not there for just the bad stuff.

    Can you ask for a career break? IIRC you used to be able to take a 3 month unpaid career break.

    Have you spoken with your unit Padre?

    Another thing is - everyone has to move early or late every now and then or do a shite posting; I know several people who were posted with me twice - poor feckers. :p

    You must also understand your unit's point of view - they need deployable bods.
  5. cheers guys

    Its all sorted, the OC didn't know anything about it???

    So now we're staying and everything's sorted.
  6. Good stuff - hope things turn out OK.
  7. Situation normal then? :)

    At least it's squared away.