Unusual watch - good with mess dress

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by MilitaryWatches, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. We have just received a few Aeromatic A1206 retro flyback watches. These have a 42 jewel automatic movement, 2 time zones and an unusual flyback function on the split second dials.

    I have kept one for myself as they look so good (IMHO)

    Mor Information can be found here

  2. Looks like a ford dashboard........................ Give you a tenner for it...................
  3. maybe but its more reliable :D I would stick to your Timex timeteacher watch as I would hate you to spend your beer money on a watch you can't appreciate :thumleft:
  4. No 90% Arrse discount?
  5. Or maybe even my breitling..........
  6. I love Breitlings. most use a movement supplied by ETA and branded as Brietling. The Wristwatch Annual 2006 by Peter Braun lists the current models and their movements. The ETA 7750/Breitling being the movement in many of them and costs about £140 at trade as a spare. As most Brietlings cost £2.5K+ its a lot of money to pay for a name and a steel case. However as I own a Chronomat GT and a Bentley Edition I shouldn't really cast stones at others :D :D

    I would also say that the ETA 2824-2 25 jewel movement based watches from Kronos are proving to be more accurate than the Breitlings and cost around £200 or less.
  7. I cannot see the point in wearing a watch with my mess kit, cos I am so pi**ed by the end I cannot see then hands on a normal watch let a lone a fancy one like this!!!
  8. and everyone else has the time anyway..so why not ask them? I bet they spent hundreds on their Service Station knock-offs so would appreciate more people asking them the time.

  9. Ahem, say no more except for the 3 or 4 calls we get every week from people who have bought watches on ebay and cannot get them sorted out if there is a problem. For example with the Aeromatic and Tauchmeisters, unless they come with our black stamped card then you will not get any warranty service. Why not ring Luminox or Traser and ask about the calls they get about ebay watches, especially those bought from a guy in Greece who sells watches that seem to have a very high failure rate :( Also Smith and Wesson and UZI, as a guy off the forum found out recently when he had to send his watch back to the USA for warranty service because the ebay supplier ignored his emails and of course we were not going to provide warranty support for a watch we did not supply.

    You pays your money and you takes your chance ....... If you compare our Aeromatic prices with other UK or registered dealers we are about the cheapest. And of course we support forums like ARRSE financially so you can enjoy your time on here for free.
  10. True, I've checked (not only Aeromatics but the others on your site) pretty reasonable prices! ...however my Seiko Divers has given me good service the past 30 years (regulary serviced by Seiko) so I'll stick to that. Having said that, my son wants a decent watch for swimming (circa 10ATM pressure) for Christmas - I'll be looking to your site for one! ;-)
  11. Is it an Asian auto movement? If so, it's not worth much more than £50 and thats being generous.
  12. Flasheart old chum, not sure you're querying my post, but mine is genuine Seiko movement (so therefore being Japanese would be Asian) and Seiko don't service "cheap seikos" (many of which I recall were peddled in Masirah). However it works well, and to the specs laid down in the manual.

    ...but then again you might be querying Fuchs.
  13. FYI most Myota movements from Citizen in Japan cost more than an equivalent Ronda movement from Switzerland. It amazes me how some people are happy to slag off Japanese movement watches at the same time listening to their Chinese made iPod, watching their Japanese TV with surround sound system made in Thailand or China, or while driving their Japanese/Korean/Malayan car to work.

    Japan is ahead of us by about 2 years in terms of technology, however some people seem to think watches are excluded from this :D In fact the most accurate mechanical watch in the world is from the far east.
  14. It's alright I suppose. But to honest it's not for me. However, while you here, whats your take on the Fortis B42 or the Bell & Ross BR01-92. Any discounts on these?