Unusual situation re SAM 82 & RAF LS & GC

Discussion in 'Medals' started by fingers_1661, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. A friend (late RAF) recently wrote to the medal office to enquire why he hadn't been awarded his LS & GC, given he had 15 years & 9 months adult service at the point of discharge (he left around 1990). Their reply stated that he had qualified for it but had left before it could be presented. They (Medal office) haven't forwarded the medal or offered further details & he feels he's been fobbed off.

    The same person spent 3 months on RFA Grey Rover operating as a listening post from Ascention Island during the Falklands War but did not receive the South Atlantic Medal.

    Can anyone point me the right direction on both counts please? He hasn't contested the latter but i'm curious as to how the crew or any of the GCHQ types failed to qualify for the SAM.
  2. Best your mate applies to the Medal Office direct if he wants the medals, he'll probably need some form of verification for the FI medal (if the ship was within the criteria/area needed for the award).