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Unusual request

Dear all

Not sure of the best way to go about this, or who is the best person to talk to, I think I need to speak to someone at the Mystery who deals in "captured war materiel"

At Shaibah, there are at least 2 historically significant airframes, both ar Sea Furies, both are FAA Korean war veterans. There are also rumours of Mosquito and Beaufighter bits still extant on the dump there.

I have been informed, that the current DoD directive to the scrap merchants who are due there anytime, is "Anything with wings on gets the chop"

Is there someone I can speak to about

a. Getting out there and checking?
b. organising a rescue of these airframes?

If anyone has any piccies of the aircraft concerned, or piccies of  the dump at Shaibah , Habbiniyah or other airfields, I'd certainly be interested in having sight of them

I understand MOD have contacted national museums bout these aircraft, but the response was "poor"

It would be a shame to see them go into a smelter.

I appreciate this isn't Army, but it is a concern to me, so any help, contact details etc , much appreciated




You could try the RAF Aircraft Recovery Team at RAF St Athan (or were when I did a job for them)-the "Crash and Smash" boys might have some addresses that could be of use
I wouldn't believe anything MoD said - contact the museums yourself!

It may be worth speaking to one or two of the specialist magazines to publicise the issue.  It would be a shame if the MoD destroyed this bit of military history as well as the current armed forces.
Big thumbs up mate, and ta muchly


Magic Mushroom, you haven't taken in photos in those parts have you , or know someone who has?

Same question to the Green sky gods...  ;D
  Check your PM's.  
  Anyone who is trying to rescue beautiful old aircraft like Sea Furies, Mozzies and Beau's gets my vote!!
  Knowing the rarity of the types you mention, I find it difficult to believe that museums are uninterested.  I suspect that it's a fop by the Ministry.
  The priority is to get these airframes to a safe location such as Basra Intl.  Once there, they can be dismantled slow time for transport home via C-130/C-17 or RFA.

Many thanks for the great information. There are 3? Airfields in the area that would benefit from a good dose of looking at, and Habbiniyah is also of interest, as at one time, I believe there were examples of Nasir? (Radial engined Hawker Harts) . stored there. One of the problems of this exercise, is sorting the rumour from the fact, so any gen anyone has, would save a lot of time.

Have spoken with the UK rep of the scrappies, who says he has sent a message to his counterparts in that part of the world, re. "If it has a prop, leave it till last".

Crossed fingers, but I assume the worst. So any info anyone has, would be appreciated.

The problem is varifying exactly what is where. Are you in theatre? TFC at Duxford would go bananas for Beaufighter components. I'm surprised the FAA hasn't taken an interest in the Sea Furies - if indeed they are aware of their existance. Where to start on something like this. Who legally owns the airframes? The scrappy? I find it unbelievable that UK museums have shown little interest... especially the IWM or Hendon.

Time doesn't appear to be on the side of the conservationist here, but a call to Flypast might help. They might at least be able to give some pointers. It doesn't look good, but stranger things have happened before. This is when having contacts with clout comes in to its own. Fcuk it. Get in touch with the CAS. Anyone. I'm all for barging in there with a Queen Mary and a wrecker. Smelting a Beaufighter or a Fury is criminal.
Duxfords Phone number:
Telephone: +44 (0)1223 835 000

Phone on a sunday (IIRC: Or maybe a tuesday evening) and Ask for the DAS (Duxford Avation Society). They should be bale to start helping out. I know quite a few years ago one of their guys was out in Kuwait grabbing parts for T62's and other russian kit.

Edit: I belive this is their direct number: 01223 835594


War Hero
Don't know if anyone remembers this thread - whatever happened?

Did the scrappers wield their dread torches and reduce the lot or did PTP triumph?
freedomman said:
Don't know if anyone remembers this thread - whatever happened?

Did the scrappers wield their dread torches and reduce the lot or did PTP triumph?

When I was there in 2005 there were still bits of A/C lying around near the Civi bus/lorry park near ROBG area!!!

Not sure of what happened after that now that we are in the COB


War Hero
Cheers, anyone else know anything?

Presumably, if they were marked for scrapping a deal could have been done?
Flypast or the other mag, Air Pictorial or whatever have an article on the sea furies presently. Mentions the Iraqi Air force ones too.

Wasnt one picked up in a IR Surveillace photo during GW1 parked out on dispersal at some Iraqi base?

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