Unusual Repair Jobs

Eh, anybody ever had to fix something up in their house or at work by unusual means?

Go on, share your tales.

I only ask because I've just discovered that the cable for the PC monitor here at work has been sellotaped to the top of a tin of Heinz Tomato Soup. It's propping the cable up because it's knackered...


I had to repair a girl once, it's a long story.
Chap I knew worked as an estimator for a major roof tiling company.Every quote he would add three or four pallets of tiles.Eventually gathered enough to do his new house.
The was a Siggy Technician in BAOR who on a job needed to repair a power switch for a cable lay to get power into the Officers tents . Switch was smashed and the spring steel contacts inside were not there. A cut and bent open COMPO tin worked for at least 2 years.

Or the time the OPS waggon woke the Sproggy tech up at 3 in the morning in the rain as the COFFEE machine fuse had blown. Not have a .0987 mA tiny quick blow fuse for a BRAUN Coffe pot a piece of twisted tin foil did the job.

Until the FofS woke the tech up again at 4 calling him over to the OPS Waggon again in the rain to give him a bolliking for unsafe electronic practices - while drinking a mug of scalding hot coffee:)
A true man can fix anything with just a can of WD40 and some duct tape.. The Red Green Principle.

If it moves and it shouldn't - duct tape, If it doesn't move and it should - WD 40.

gets you back to your beer, coffee, the telly, in quick time.
When I worked in a temporary job in a steel works in Sheffield aged 15 I "fixed" a problem with a very, very expensive lathe (it was a huge thing for making tungsten carbide tools). The problem was that it needed a kind of heavy lubricating oil that was only available from the USA (where the lathe originated from). Sooooo I mixed up some light oil and some grease to make a kind of heavy oil which worked for a few hours until the grease re-solidified and congealed in the internal oil-ways of the machine. Result, one highly expensive but fucked machine. Secondary result was involuntary job cessation.


A bit of wood fell off my shed. The neighbours complained when the repair guys parachuted in and shot their Pakistani visitors.




When I was 19 & poor, I fixed the heater mechanism on the dashboard in my Mk1 Fiesta with a spring from a ball point pen. It lasted for 4 years until I scrapped the car when it fell apart with rust.


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Shouldnt this be in the sh*d forum?
I was hitch-hiking down the A1 in the early 70s & got a lift with a wagon, a fuse had blown and the driver had linked a length of barbed wire from the High/Low ratio switch on the gear stick to the fuses on the dash.


On my wedding day, (of all days, Tja!) my electric toothbrush ceased to function. Shock, horror, what shall I do, I thought, I am at a real loose end now. Luckily, I happened to have an AFV430 spare fan-belt in the garage, which, with a bit of MacGyvering, I managed to fit on the planetary gearbox of the electric toothbrush! The most important day of my life was thus saved........

Hat, etc
about half of everything i ever did in the REME would fall into this catogry, i fear


When I was 19 & poor, I fixed the heater mechanism on the dashboard in my Mk1 Fiesta with a spring from a ball point pen. It lasted for 4 years until I scrapped the car when it fell apart with rust.

Ball point pen springs are useful things. Years ago I fixed a laser printer with one. I'd ordered a replacement latch for the printer which took over a month to arrive. When it did eventually turn up there was no spring (that of course was a separate part). I wasn't going to wait another month for a poxy spring so I improvised. It lasted until the printer eventually died.
My windscreen wiper is held on its drive arm by a 1p glued on with metal glue! Does that count? I have to redo it every 6 months so i keep glue and a stash of pennies in my dash!

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