Unusual regimental and unit plaques

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MARTOK, May 14, 2012.

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  1. CASAB.jpg

    Have any other ARRSERs got any unusual regimental or unit plaques?

    I picked this one up in Hong Kong.
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  2. There was a 3RGJ one on ebay recently with 'Last Battalion in Gibralter' across the top.
  3. Slightly off topic but I was brought up as a service brat before I joined up myself, and I remember that what is now called Bingo was originally a service game ( I think it started with the British Army in India) called Housey- Housey.

    Anyway in 1957 I travelled out to Hong Kong with my mum and brothers to join my dad who was stationed at Kia Tak. We went out on HMT Asturias and because Suez was blocked at the time went round the cape. They played a lot of Housy- Housy on the ship, but they often used regimental and squadron names instead of just calling out actual numbers. For example Black Watch would have been 42, and I remember that when number three was called everyone shouted "Steady The Buffs".

    I'm rambling here a bit but, I remember An Army Education corp lad who used to give all us kids a bit of schooling on deck, and he could go right through all the numbers on the card just giving the names of the regiments that had that number.

    So not exactly an unusual regimental or unit plaque, but what the fuck, I thought it might be of interest, also wonder if any of the old and bold could reel off a lot of regiment names to match the numbers nowadays.
    Any takers?
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  4. Save yourself the trouble, they're all here:

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  5. The thing is if you sat down and actually worked out how many units etc you've worked with during a decent length of service you'd amass a goodly collection of plaques, some of which would be slightly different to say the least.
  6. Yep Options for Change muddied the waters for that, they obviously mean 4 RIFLES but actually the old 2 RGJ had become the post-Options 1RGJ so would have become 2 RIFLES. But because of the amalgamation under Options the lineage had become muddled. The way to sort it I suppose would have been to allocate the 43rd (Oxfordshire LI) to the 95th (Rifle Brigade) and the 52nd (Buckinghamshire LI) to the 60th (KRRC).
  7. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    Traditionally, in "Housey-Housey" no numbers were used but Regimental nicknames were used, and some very esoteric names were indeed used for example "Chowkidars" for the Black Watch the 42 of foot," the Buffs" for 3 of foot and the "Die hards" for the 11 of foot. Of course when I say traditionally I mean pre WW 1 when the arguements were still raging over the Cardwell reforms and the "death of the regimental system."

    Strange how things go round in circles.
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  8. A good friend og mine has one that was presented to him when he did a short exchange with an Aircrewman off HMS Brazen in 85. On his last night onboard, he bumped into one of the hands on his way back to his bunk.

    "Want a ship's plaque?" slurred our fishy friend. "Wait here."

    Five minutes later he reappeared, and to this day my mate has a plaque with 'Fregatte Emden' proudly emblazoned upon it.
  9. I hope it says 'Last Battalion in Gibraltar', but I wouldn't bank on it......

    Meanwhile...... I suppose there might be one somewhere saying 'First Battalion in Gibraltar', or did they not have plaques in 1743?
  10. In Cyprus in '83 doing the Scout Car Sqn job, had a visit from some of "them" (one of our guys was with them at the time) who had been training there and came down to the Sgts Mess for a sherbert or two, our SSM asked them "where 's the plaque then?" No joy of course, but about an hour after they had all left, one of them re-appeared with a 3 foot by 2 foot sign that stated The Nicosia Rotary Club - on the bottom of the sign was a small brass plate that said "Presented to B Sqn 4 RTR by SAS KAPE Team.
  11. A Knob 1.jpg

    This one will take some beating....used to belong to A Sqn 3RTR and I found it on SLTA Circa 1983. I do believe its still around in 2RTR today and I may be wrong but think it has been to Afghanistan!!
  12. My last unit plaque is somewhere in the loft. The picture on it is the same as my avatar. The Pink Pussy. Awesome!!!