Unusual question about joining...

Hoping someone might be able to answer this one, I live in Northern France but our place is up for sale which means hopefully we'll be back to the UK sometime in 2010.

As you'll see from my previous posts I've been interested in joining the TA for a while but assumed that being over here would stop me from applying and/or commencing training.

I am doing around 2 hours fitness five days a week, I'm ex-reg infantry so know the standards etc...

I'm wondering whether it's possible to apply and get the ball rolling whilst I am still living in France?

Any help/pointers very much appreciated.

Thanks inadv.

I would look at the unit you wish to join, then contact them by e mail or phone and explain. If they can't tell you there is no hope.
I don't think it's possible to start the ball rolling until you get back to the UK, i'm living in Southern Ireland and contacted a TA unit in London about 6 months ago as i was planning to move there, they said i would have to wait till i got to the UK before i could start the joining process,
although different units could have different rules.

Okay guys, thanks for the input, btw, the Channel Islands are part of the UK which is probably why there were no probs for that bloke.

Just have to sit and wait then.

I'm sure you're welcome. By the way, no, the Channel Islands are not part of the United Kingdom. Independent Bailiwicks whose Head of State is HMQ, but UK parliament has no say in their laws etc.
Bed-block said:
Would that be the same as Scotland and Wales? Their own Parliment and making their own laws?

The CIs are "Peculiars of the Crown", a unique status.

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