Unusual M16A2 in Iraq, October 2004

Looking through one of the picture galleries on war photographer Ashley Gilbertson's website, I noticed this unusual configuration on what I am assuming is an M16A2, with the carrying handle positioned along the upper receiver, the intention being (I assume) to supplement the optical/telescopic scope.
Pretty sure that is a cloth mag holder / FFD pouch that you can velcro on to the butt. I saw them for sale in the PXs there in 2006 and they seemed pretty popular.
There's nothing unusual there. He's just put the handle/Iron Sights on the top rail. No idea why you'd want to though? The balance of the rifle would be horrible if you tried to carry it like that.
Good prisoner guarding drills there I'd say. Why doesn't he just hand over the rifle?
If he were a prisoner he'd have disarmed him by taking his pen from his pocket. Or perhaps the rest of the Plt are tag-teaming his daughter?
I really don't know why he would do that. It looks like he's got an M68 aimpoint sight on the upper receiver so why bung an obstruction in front of it?
Maybe he's just followed the airsofter's rule of "More things attached to weapon = better".
I have never seen that done before and cannot think why you would want to. The iron sight cannot possibly be usable in that configuration. Maybe he just thought it looked "ally" - he was wrong.
Maybe its his back up iron sight ? some people like to shot withe their back up sights up ( Larry Vickers for one ) but its a strange set up
Maybe its his back up iron sight ? some people like to shot withe their back up sights up ( Larry Vickers for one ) but its a strange set up
Most Aimpoint and EoTech sights are made so that their default is to have their aiming dot in line with the iron sights. The dot should appear as if it is just on the tip of the foresight - they call it "co-witness". The theory being that you still get the same sight picture thru your optic if the electronics in your optic fails. Others raise their optic so that the BUIS is in the lower 1/3 of the optical sight allowing them to establish two different points of aim; one with the optic, the other with BUIS.

This is, however, a strange set up. But then if he only had the handle mounted rear sight and it could not fit anywhere else, then ........................

The [former] Delta boys (Vickers, Howe, Lamb) all advocate ways of using the BUIS, the optic and shooting generally, sometimes they agree and sometimes they don't. Then they charge you $250 a day for going on a course with them.
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