Unusual Insignia Seen On Dambusters Documentary

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by foxs_marine, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Last night I watched James Holland's Timewatch documentary on the Dambusters raid. At one point he gets access to the BBMF Lancaster & clambers inside. He is accompanied by a man called Nick something, who Holland tells us is an Apache instructor. Nick advises Holland about the cockpit of the Lanc & flying the aircraft in the twisty terrain around the dams. He is wearing a flight suit & on his epaulettes his (presumably) rank insignia is 4 black bars on an olive background. It is implied that he is Army, not RAF or RN & the top bar has no naval "curl" that I can see.

    Can anybody identify the insignia cos it's bugging me!


  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    tactical group capt slide maybe.
  3. I bet your a real hoot on the piss!
  4. I wondered that, but the bars appeared to be of RN thickness rather than RAF which I understand to be narrower. Also, the 4 bars occupied a lot of the epaulette / slide. There was a badge on one arm which had white lines on a blue background & the leters "ATIL" if I recall correctly & a circular badge that appeared to have a green centre circle with a black Apache & a black outer area with green text - unfortunately it was too small to read on my TV.
    I don't recall any pilot's wings or name tag on the left breast.
  5. It's been said, but sometimes I'm not too sure of the with me / at me ratio!
  6. Eureka! That's him. Thanks very much Archimedes.
  7. In this picture from Greggs.....


    ....I can't quite make out what kind of hot sausage comestible she's manhandling!

    Can anyone help?
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  8. If it's from Greggs, it won't be ****ing hot.
  9. Yes, she's just extruded the contents of her colon into a pastry shell & is beaming at how happy the lucky winner will be when he discovers his little "bonus"

    Although the uniform looks similar, are you sure it's Greggs - it looks too spacious & clean?