Unusual Film Titles

One thing that has kept me amused this week is taking a film title and replacing one of the words with Cunt, it's been found to be an extremely versatile word to use.

To start off, Conan the Cunt.
The Longest cooont
A Cooont too Far
Cooont like it hot
The Dark Cooont
The Dark Cooont Rises
Star Cooont The Motion Picture
ST II the Wrath of Coooont
Cunting Saddles
Blazing Cunts

Cunt Wars: A New Cunt
The Empire Strikes Cunt
Return of The Cunt

Carry on Up the Cunt

Cunts! Cunts! Cunts!
The Longest Cunt
Everything You Wanted to Know about Cunts but were afraid to Ask
Lord of the Cunts: The Fellowship of the Cunt
Lord of the Cunts: The Two Cunts
Lord of the Cunts: The Return of the Cunt
The Cunt: An Unexpected Cunt

True Cunt
The Longest Cunt
Carry on Cunt

Cunt Now (I love the smell of cunt in the morning)
Dirty Cunt (Do you feel lucky cunt?)

James Bond - Cunts Galore
Cunt on the river kwai
hobsons cunt
sophies cunt
a fish called cunt
pirates of the cunt: the curse of the black cunt
cunt and hooch
cunt and cash
kindergarten cunt...

....no wait, that's a real one. Fuck.
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