Unusual Coincidences

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by rmgbem, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. An unusual tale: my last 3 are 374 and signed up in Wolverhampton. Reported to Jnr Ldrs Bn RAOC and found myself in the same Platoon as the soldier immediately before me - 373 who signed up in Liverpool. Years later we were serving in Ord Services Cyprus when I received my LS&GC. They read out the Army number, of my now pal, ending with 373 who was there in the audience!

    Anybody got anything similar?
  2. Yes, I joined up in St. Albans in '86 and was posted to JLRRE in dover.

    A lad from Scotland was the next number to me, I was 0607, he was 0608.

    Fast forward a few years, and as I tipped up to watch the "Jack the rippers" in the two sawyers in Brompton high street he was the headline act between the girls like a wretched overweight fluffer of sorts, slapping his c0ck on his overhanging pasty jock p-iss tank and lagging onto his own desert boots.

    uncanny, who'd a thunk it.
  3. There's two people with my surname and last four (me being one of the two, obviously) - despite assurances that it's impossible. There was also a girl with the same surname and last three as me when I was in phase two training.

  4. Shortfuse, I was in JLRRE then and a guy in my room was from St Albans. Were you in 5 Tp 66 :? By the way I am not the Jock lad you mention. I am from Hertfordshire originally :D
  5. I was one digit behind another Smith at Basic. I was Smith 380, he was Smith379. There was also a Smith 747, but he was ex STAB and had a 2494 number
  6. Went on a final blokes holiday shant up in spain prior to joining up. Ran into a bunch of serving paras on a bit of adventure drinking. Had a natter with them, didn't get filled in, went on our seperate ways

    Month later, attending family wedding, ran into one of them at the bar, find out he's my fecking cousin
  7. Seen lads with each same army no but last digit either side of mines. Also in the paper a few years back a load joined around 95 (ish) his name was bond and guess what his last were 007! it was in the papers and APC said it wasnt done on purpose...yeah right
  8. Fek me I joined up in Norbury you Northern puff
  9. After I had been in the army for a year or so, my number was changed as it appears it had been issued twice. Sometime later, I found I was serving with the other soldier who had been issued "my" number. Whilst at this unit, I was asked to complete a form saying where I joined up and when plus details of all posting etc, etc. When asked why, I was told that neither the MOD and my records office had any record of my service details for the first three years of my service. Being an Ammo Tech, I was completely honest.

    AT55, MM, DFM, QGM, BEM etc, etc
  10. Nope I'm not from St. Albans, that was just the nearest ACIO to me (also originally from Hertfordshire)

    I was in Colvin Troop 82 Squadron in the june 86 intake.

    The Jock lad in question I'm pretty sure was in 54 squadron, then went on to serve in dog squadron at Nienburg, he was a common site in the "sewers" around '89 on a sunday lunch unless you'd already left early to get into the Canon for a lock in, Yorkie used to f-uck you off at the high port if you rocked up as he called last orders.