Unusual Car anti-theft devices

speaking to a mate of mine prior to disbandment, he recalls whilst on patrol in Newtownabbey (Belfast North) stopping a car and the driver explaining with some pride that he had made his own anti-theft device. He had drained the petrol out of the tank and fitted a spark plug wired to the ignition, with a safety switch under the dashboard. So when he parked up for the night flicks the switch, and the tanks ready to go! Cue soldiers backing away and ATO being called for. Any similar stories or ideas? :?
...........Not a story, but you have just given me an idea. How about one of those extendo-arm boxing gloves hidden under the steering wheel so that when the ignition is turned the glove punches the assailant right in the bean-bag.
I quite like the advert in Robocop where the thief gets into the car and the car electricutes him then the door opens and ejects the smoking corpse!
i see your nutter and raise you a chimp
Outstanding! I must declare an interest, several years ago I parked my car outside the house, hungry (FUB) went to get something to eat came back out to unload the car an hour later, car gone! Found the next day in Twinbrook Belfast burnt out and my camera bag missing! How the RQMS(T) and me laughed when I came in the next day to tell him.
My fitter sgt on my trade course used to remve his distributor arm from his engine every night so no-one could nick it. Not as exciting but novel nonetheless. He lived in hull, at the time btw
What about "Speed" set the engine so that after a certain speed if they (Thiefing b*****ds) brake BOOOOOOOOM!
South Africa has the ' best' anti-theft devices available..read where they have flame throwers rigged up under the driver's door that can blast an incindiary jet and ignite the carjacker - nice bit of a deterrent, that.. another device has a sawblade attachment that scythes out at the touch of a button cutting off a would-be thief literally at the knees..

oh, those jokers, those Africaners...
My old dad left his mother in law in the car over night, NOW THAT'S FRIGHTENING!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can remember years ago a feela got so pissed of with scum trying to steal his serria cosworth that he rigged it to produce a massive elcrical charge once it was armed.....police didnt see the funny side and threatend to arrest him if he didnt take it off the car.

I used to work with a civi who told me a tale about someone in her family who'd had a nice car on the drive so they had an old shed of an astra or similar that they'd park up behind it every night and remove the steering wheel come out one morning find the nice car has gone and shed parked back were it was supposed to be :lol:
I beleive the police have several cars fitted to trap the scum inside.

It started with a scrap car, that was never the less desirable, but with no engine and the door handles on the inside being removed. A bobby would check on the car every so often.

Now I belive the cars can be driven away and controlled by the police.

I like the idea of CS gas being injected in to the cabin whilst they are sat in it, also with summer around the corner a good hour or two in a red hot car whilst a big sign invites people to laugh at the scum whilst they sit in the car would also be a good think.
When we lived in Botswana many moons ago our Ridgeback used to lie on the front floor of the landrover.

Imagine my fathers surprise when he came back from the pub to find a local standing ever so still with his arm stuck inside the half open window.

On further investigation he discovered that the fellows hand was being held ever so gently in the dogs mouth and the dog was making a soft rumbling sound every time he twitched.

Poor sod must have been there some time as he had swamped his trousers and when the dog was asked to let go promptly collapsed in a heap on the pavement.

Really wasn't his day as my father happened to be Superintendent of Police and it was a works landrover.

Still the dog was a great deterrent especially as word got round and no bugger dared touch the car after that.
didn't they do that on a tv programme - possibly called swag :? - the car would be fitted so if anyone tried to nick it they'd get locked in and would have to answer 3 questions to get back out... oh how hilarious to see 3 chavs trying to figure out what the answer was in the allotted time :D

the same programme had a truck with a cage in the back so that chavs would go for the boxes of dvd players when the truck was left unattended then get locked in and driven round london for all to see :twisted:

or am i making this up?
I remember a story about a guy who owned a vehicle yard putting dogs in to the yard at night. He put all the signs etc up, but was told that he had to provide routes of egress for the thiefing scum, in particular ladders over to climb back over the wall. So what he did was put the ladders at the most gentlest of angles, so basically the dogs could get at the intruder a good 2/3 of the way up them!!!!
My dads cousin in South Africa used to rig his truck up to the mains electric somehow,
every night.
So as if any african from the township came to nick it,
they'd get a wee shock. :eek:
I'm sure that a company called toad security done a device that fired aload of black smoke into the car if it was broken into it wouldnt be to hard for it to be rigged with CS :twisted:
No you didn't make it up arty_girl. My favourite was the moped, they would leave the keys in the ignition, and when some chav scum tried to nick it the moped sprayed that blue dye/water that they use on planes all over his crotch.
Another anti theft device of note was used in the seventies in Rhodesia whilst the war was on.

In those days Bulawayo was a bit like the wild west with gun racks and so on in every bar as most people were tooled up when coming into town from the rural areas just in case. Also most men if not regular forces were subject to call up. They would be called up to do military duty every six weeks or so for about six weeks. Some of the guys were a little crazy with all this going on and at times could get quite hairy.

To the point then. One such bloke came in from out by Plumtree way once a week to do his grocery shopping and was in the habit of parking his pick up in the car park by the city hall dumping the groceries in the back and having a few swifties in the Selbourne hotel before heading back home. A couple of weeks on the bounce some light fingered sod had cleared all his groceries out of the back of his truck. So being a little p1ssed off he rigged the bags with detcord/explosives to go bang if someone moved them. Sure enough he is sitting in the Brass Rail having a Castle when there is a bang from across the street. Everyone jumps, he is fairly nonchalant saying expect thats my truck. Ambles across to see the police backloading local sans arms from below the elbow.

Police are less than impressed and fine him for leaving explosives lying about in public etc. etc.

Small town though and his bags were quite safe after that.

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