Unusual canteen (water bottle in English)

(Tried posting this in the US forums, but it won't allow attachments)

Can anyone here tell me more about this canteen

Had this thing for quite a while after picking it up for a couple of quid in a UK surplus store.

Never seen once since and I am wondering what it designed for specifically. Survival kit? AFV use? To be carried in a vest.

I find its shape is useful and economical. Anyone know where I might get another one, or the missing the cap retainer?

(Sorry, No NSN stamped on it)



It's not issue, but a commercial reusable ice pack, IIRC. it does make a nice canteen in a ruck or vehicle.

Try these guys for the strap, genuine G.I. Surplus from Ft. Indiantown Gap.
you sure it doesn't belong with that pouch you found in the stores??

looks about the right size...
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