Untraceable ARRSEing

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Bravo_Zulu, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Does your office have an Internet filter which blocks ARRSE?

    Does your missus have a screaming fit when she finds the Chick Pix thread in your internet History?

    Are you facing disciplinary action after IT monitored you ARRSEing during work time?

    Do you just want to look at porn?

    Then Proxify is for you. It is a remote proxy service; you connect to one of their websites through your internet connection, and use their proxy to surf the web, safe from snooping by the boss, blocking by web filters or hacking by teenagers in Star Trek T-shirts. This is a large and reputable service with many domains (making it almost impossible to block access to), and its security is apparently good enough for it to be used for financial business.

    Proxify Main Page

    If you use a Mac, download the widget from Apple; this allows you to change domains (so if one site is blocked, you can use another) and makes using Proxify quicker and easier.

    I should point out two things. First, I am not connected with this in any way and bear no responsibility for your actions and their consequences. Secondly, Proxify specifically does not allow you to use its service to get around a ban from an internet forum. If the COs suspect that some troll is using Proxify to reappear and annoy people, they can contact Proxify directly, and they will take steps against you.

    Have fun guys :D
  2. If you are a Mac user you could just click on the private browsing option.
  3. I didn't think that hid your IP or got around web filters.

    Besides, most people use IE, which doesn't have that option, and saves copious records of what you do.
  4. You sir, are a good fcuking egg. 8)
  5. Best compliment I've had for a bit :D
  6. Best top tip I've seen for a bit.

    Just to push the realms of this, does it make rapidshare etc safe?

    So I can look at pics of people shagging a fragged goat at work and the boss will never know?
  7. Had to look up rapidshare. If you're using it for free, there are restrictions on what you can view, download, upload etc. You can register (for about US$40 per three months), which removes many of the restrictions and increases the size limits. You can view pages securely; I can't say for certain about uploads etc. The best I can do is direct you to the FAQs page.

  8. Well your out bound requests are encrypted, so your safe from packet sniffing.

    Your not safe from a forensic examination of your pc though.