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Yet again i am sat here listening to the drivell coming from the mouth of the news reader on BFBS about how all of the english sports teams are playing today!!!!!! Who gives a Fcuk? I thought that there was four countries that made up Britian???????? Not just the one that BFBS keeps going on about. :x :evil:
Isnt Scotland playing international football tonight (1800 hrs ME kick off time) against Lithuania. Isnt Wales playing aginst Germany and isnt Ireland playing also against Slovakia (come on the Slovaks)????
Yes Ireland as they also make up a hell of alot of servicemen and wimin in the United Kingdom of englands military forces!
It is just a privilage for us from outside your borders to be part of the United Kingdom of englands glory.


Well I guess if we are talking about the UK we could even throw in France (i.e. The Five Nations). After all the three lions on the monarch's standard are derived from symbols of Normandy and Aquitaine..
This is one thing at gets my goat. In any sport when a sports person (just done me EO & Diversity) from anywhere in the UK does well they are British, however if they dont live up to the expectations of the commentator (who is usually English) they then revert back to being Scottish, Welsh or Irish! :evil:
conco said:
I thought that there was four countries that made up Britian????????
That only applies on the rare occasions when England are knocked out of a tournament but Scotland/Wales/NI stay in. Under these circumstances Scotland/Wales/NI become known as "Britain's Team", "The British" or simply "Britain".


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Keeping this in the vein it has started in a "We all lurve Engerlund" style, how long will it be before the 'British' commentators starts bemoaning the fact that Wales get to play a couple of games at Cardiff and Scotland get to play a couple of games at Edinburgh while poor ole Engerlund have to play all theirs in France.

No doubt this will be given as the real reason that Doolally and the rest of the has beens get kicked out of the competition early and not the fact that they are sheeeeiiiite.

Nice to see France get stuffed last night though 8)

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