Untaken leave on termination - what happens?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Macdaddy, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. I am currently on tour, due to return within the next two weeks and then due to terminate my service on 15 Jan 10. I was originally due to terminate my service on the 2 Oct 09, however, following a trawl of units for personnel i volunteered for this tour. With this, my previous OC (being a good chap), realised i wouldnt be able to fit in my leave and deferred my termination date to the following Jan.

    I have now totted up my leave and i have 109 days to take upon my return - taking me to 05 Mar 10. Having had my termination date deferred before with relative ease, i didnt think this a problem - until i rang up my current RSM who flatly refused to allow me to take the leave, saying i would have to sign back on, extend and then sign off again. This clearly doesn't ring true.. The leave i would lose is just under seven working weeks - too much to let slide. I immediately emailed an employment law solicitor who stated that as it is earned/ accrued by service, it is mine and should be taken or paid out. However, she is a civvy.

    I would very much appreciate sound, qualified advice from the floor!

  2. Mac try contacting filbert fox on here - usually found in the RAMC forum. He's a guru concerning resettlement and all that goes with it.