UNTAC / UNAMIC Cambodia 1991 - 1993, Medal Query

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bokkatankie, Dec 8, 2010.

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  1. Please redirect this if is in the wrong forum.

    I am confused! Doing a bit of research to claim my grandfathers WW2 medals, great site really helpful.

    But then looking in the MOD booklet (excellent booklet very useful) listing all medals awarded during and after WW2, see link:


    I could not find any mention or picture of the UNTAC / UNAMIC Cambodia medal, I have written to JPAC but just thought someone on here may already know the answer.

    I am aware that at least 1 MC was awarded plus a few MID etc. and an RAF Flt Lt died during service there but it is just not listed. Mission consisted of RN, RM, UNMO (all services) and logistics within overall UN command.

    Does that mean I have to get my medals adjusted as I should not be wearing it?
  2. UNAMIC authorised from Oct 1991 - March 1992 (UN Advanced Mission in Cambodia)
    UNTAC authorised from March 1992 - Sept 1993 (UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia)

  3. Thanks, but I have also just checked my Statement of Service, all other awards listed but not UN Cambodia but it does say I was posted there.

    As I said just confused, they have every other UN mission (some of which I had never heard of) listed in the booklet but not Cambodia.

    It is just one of those annoying things that bugs you and you cannot understand.
  4. I think i may have found my own answer:

    1. The booklet contains only medals for On Her Majesties Service, UN unless it is part of HMG operations does not count.

    2. They would need to do a whole new book see below:

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