Unsure what to do for Self-Employment.

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by mark3536, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Hello all.

    I am thinking of leaving the Army- i was seriously wounded on Operations afew years ago, The Army have been good and kept me on however my job has changed as i am unable to be an Infanteer (Pl Sgt).

    If i leave i want to become Self-employed in a trade but having a false leg kinda narrows down want i could do. Basically just after some ideas from the crowd.

    Thanks for any help or advice.

  2. Magicians assistant?
  4. Pirate, in all fairness your half way there ;)

    Serious head, what can you do trades wise? might help a bit instead of just guessing for you.
  5. Haha, i have been to so many fancy dress parties as a pirate, Headley Court has made me a 'pirate leg' basically jusr a wooden thing. I always win any prize on offer. As for trade im an infantryman, i have the full resettlement package aswell as ELC, Im keen as mustard and a grafter i just need to pick a trade i could do and then go away and learn it.
  6. In all honesty, I wouldnt let the leg put you off doing anything, well maybe being a pro tap dancer is out, but as far most civi jobs/employers go, dont let it limit your scope.

    The skilled trade route is a minefield at the moment, as most jobs require one cert or another, unless your polish, in which case, you dont need any it seems.

    I suppose it all depends on your resettlement package as to what training you can get, if indeed they still offer that sort of thing, and where you intend to settle, and what skills you have already.

    Good luck anyway.
  7. If you can get about well enough mate, there's nothing holding you back but yourself. What about transferring trade and staying in a bit longer? You're on decent wedge just now, and you've got the opportunity to get yourself some other qualifications (OU course maybe?). No idea how long you have left, but there's more for you in the Army than you may think there is. What about your pension? Will you be cutting your nose off to spite your face? There's more to the mob than your current trade and you may be holding yourself back by looking at civvy street as opposed to looking around the mob. Pop down to your local Education Centre and have a chat with one of the ETS. What about your unit RCMO? See what he says. You may well end up with a longer term plan for civvy street and get yourself some more quals to help you on the outside if you decide to leave later on. And you'll stil be on reasonable cash during the process as opposed to taking you chances in civvy street, when you're not sure yourself what it is you want to do. Think about it, but speak to someone on the inside. All the best either way.
  8. What about staying in for a bit, using your ELC and taking a bit of time? Perhaps the current economic climate is not the ideal time to launch into self-employment. Although I can't see (and would hope) that your loss of leg would preclude you from what you wanted to do - I was skydiving and the bloke in front of me lobbed out and he had a metal limb, I'm pretty sure he was instructing, too.
  9. Thanks for all the advice, there is also alittle issue that i had better expand on. Basically because of the new armed forces compensation scheme, I am entilted to a GIP- Garenteed Income Payment once i leave the Army. I have done 12 years and could stay in for the full 22 years and get my pension. The issue is the GIP goes down with age. If i did 22 years i would get my pension but no GIP. At the moment the GIP is worth 19 grand a year tax free for life, my pension will never be no where near that. Thats one of the resons why im thinking of leaving.
  10. Sensible head on... How about Lab work? especially in the asbestos P401 line. Which is what i do. Big business now the asbestos trade, money varies, but its a growth area so to speak.
  11. However it brings me back to my first post, i still need to find a suitable trade to learn and become qualified as im not the kinda bloke to sit on my arrse.
  12. Umm the p401 aint just given to you, however maybe the outdoor work wouldnt be suitable either.
  13. msr

    msr LE

  14. I have just done a quick google search of p401. Is that the basic qual needed to work with Asbestos? Outdoor work does not bother me its just im limited to what i can carry etc (i may go over the weight limit on my leg, then snaps off, has happened before).

    I have been looking at the courses for a Plumer etc, some companies claim they can get you qualified up in 8 weeks (no gas). It seems alittle too quick and im worried that if some of these are cowboys.
  15. I can't do that. I try to keep active, im a motivated bloke so could not retire and have no job.