Unsure were i will be based...yorkshire regiment

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RLRowland, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys wanting to join the Yorkshire Regiment as light infantry role , but im unsure were their regiment is based , can someone let me know ?

  2. Yorkshire perhaps? ;)
  3. Wherever they are sent. It's the army FFS.
  4. Is that a guess or a yes or a no ?

    Thanks...no need for the sarcasm though...if its what makes you feel better then i suppose thats fine.

    So because its the army i shouldnt care were i'm based ? I cant understand why you people get off on being twaats , i just asked a simple question so i have a basic understanding of wtf im gunna be doing...
  5. If you are a Yorkie, I will spend time explaining where they are, what they
    do and where and what they are going to be doing.
    If you are not a Yorkie, **** off and join another Regt. Idiotic Twat!
  6. Johhny taliban will rock up in leeds and harrogate just for you fine sire.

    Training will be in Bradford where you will stick out like a polar bear in a soot factory.

    On passing out you will be issued a tetley teafolk cap badge for your flat cap.
  7. Well yeah im from barnsley...

    wish i'd never asked a fuckin question now...
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  8. You'll go far in the Army with that attitude.
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  9. didnt think people who cant just answer a simple question without being bell ends would either...but seems im wrong..
  10. Thought Yorkies were made in Fawdon, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  11. mmmmm truckers love em ---i like the ones with the raisins myself fresh from the freezer ---yum yum yum
  12. Barnsley? That explains a lot.
  13. oh shit sorry i was born there , ill try not to be next time...
  14. Just try and be a bit more polite. There are actually people on here who can, and have, helped you.