Unsure of career path... Need advice please.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by UberSoldat, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi folks!

    It has been ages since I last posted here, I'm still going through the recruitment process (since March), I phoned the recruitment office today and found out that the sargeant who was dealing with my application has now left the army :( consequently leaving all of his applicants in the dark.

    I originally applied for the Engineers (Plumbing and Heating) and due to my lack of decent GCSE grades (all D's) I was told that I would endure the lenghty process of 'shading' - I apologise if this is the incorrect terminology, although I was unaware that the sargeant in question did not actually do this, which I am completely pi**ed off about.

    I have completed the BARB test (70 score), Literacy and Numeracy tests, unfortunately, speaking with my new recruitment sargeant the positions for Plumbing and Heating are full until March next year which is a complete pain in the arrse-hole, I am now considering joining the REME as a vehicle mechanic, from experience is this a worthwhile path? I do have an interest in vehicles but I am no expert in the subject.

    Any help is appreciated, just need abit of guidance, what would you guys suggest I apply for?

    Many Thanks for all your help, even the expected sarcastic comments :p :p
  2. Ok my extremely friendly Sappers its a REME VM (ex Recruiting Sgt) who has served with RE Squadrons in the past so go easy on me please (Ive got the dress to prove it). :D

    Ok If your still going through the system I take it your at the job brief stage prior your interviews and have been found medical suitable (still pre ADSC stage).

    If so it is hard to monitor some of the more higher profile jobs and even if you get through your interviews once you pass selection the jobs showing on the system might of gone that week that is why you go with three preferences.
    I take it you got D's for English Lang, Maths and a science based subject (been out of recruiting a few years but should be about the same, your recruiter will have up to date info on screen).
    RE wise you would still have jobs like Bricklaying, Carpentry, Structional finisher, fabricator where you'd normally work in a field troop and also do Combat Engineering, building bridges, minefields, demolitions ect (lads on here will explain it better)
    The other trades you need at least C's for Eng, Maths, science

    REME VM you can go B Mech fixing, repairing wheeled vehicles, trucks or as a A mech repairing and fixing tracked vehicles(thats what I am) also I did a C mech course fixing Plant kit whilst with the RE.

    Your recruiter is right in the info he's given you and is the best person to speak to as he has all the current info and job briefs but it is good to go on REME and Sapper forums for a bit of advice and info ( Dont take too much advice of Nightrained though as he is a Sapper who sneaked through the system as Knocker will vouch.

    Good luck and thank you Fatbadges for letting me speak, expect incoming but I love it. :wink:
  3. How long before you start proper, feller?

    Go for a Sparky trade. It's like you ooze woman-viagra.
  4. Unsure of this "shading" process??

    I would advise that you find the trade that you want to do and stick to that. It is, unfortunately, a common practice for recruiters to try and sway you in other directions. I fell foul of this myself when the engineer in charge of my application was posted. I too was pushed towards REME.

    As for what you were told about plumbing courses being fully boked until march, don't forget you still have to complete the recruitment process, do your 12 weeks basic traing and also 10 weeks combat engineering before you get a sniff of Chatham. There is bound to be a short waiting period between your phase 2 and trade courses. This is a common occurance not just in the RE but in many cap badges including REME. The only difference is that now I don't think you get sent to a unit as a SATT.

    Basically, if you have a good Idea of what direction will make you happy then you are best of sticking to your guns. Recruiters are reknowned for putting Del Boy to shame on the selling stakes :D After all surely it would be worth the wait if it's what you want to do?
  5. Hard to believe you had such a wait for an RE shading. I got an Applicant shaded last week & it took one fax and just under 24hrs to come through.

    Right about the wait though - RE trades are stacked up like panackes at a yank breakfast table. (I believe the problem lies with courses at RSME - not Lichfield or Minley).

    Best of luck in what ever trade you go for.

    As long as it's for Engrs, mind!
  6. Gazareth is right on the money, you have to learn to be a soldier first before you turn up at sunny Chatham to get your trade. By the time you get in , do the phase 1&2 etc it would be at least march so don't fret. My take, well I reckon ME Eng Heating and Plumbing would be a better bet than VM for later on in life. :)
  7. A shading can not be used in this case .

    A shading will of been mentioned previously and used because I believe this lad was still at school doing his exams. Once his school reference (485)went out they will of put his predicted grades down I suggest in this case as C's for Eng Lang, maths and science. A shading reference for exams would of been put on the job preference criteria which would of opened plumbing up on job choices along with other technical trades requiring C grades. Now he has his exam results in August and not got C's the shading would of been removed and he can only go for the jobs he got the results for ( if he had already of done selection and passed for that trade he would of been given a provissional place but that would of now been removed and he would be told to go for 2nd or third choice that he is eligable for)

    The other times shadings can be used is if you have an equivalent exam result for instamce if it says you need C's and you have maths and English but a D in Science but done an NVQ in Engineering the Recruiter puts a shading request into the SPSO and he decides on a case per case basis.

    Dont slag all recruiters down though as I was Pam Army with no targets for REME and selected on merit but sometimes people cant go for jobs because there not eligable or just wouldnt fit into that role.
  8. Thanks guys,

    I appreciate your comments so far.

    I used to phone the recruitment office twice a week while I was going through 'shading' and received the same excuses, as I say, I was informed by my new recruitment sargeant that no shading request was put forward, so basically I was waiting for nothing - then the old sargeant leaves the services, which is very annoying as I have been waiting patiently for many months.

    One of the most annoying aspects of this unfortunate issue, is the bloody doctors practice who hath failed to send my secondary medical forms to Pirbright (Pirbright requested more information), for which I was chasing for ages, I dunno, maybe I'm not suppose to join the army??? :(

    Alas, I'm starting to feel like a child who needs their next toy fix, I understand these things take time but I am desperate to get in and start training to become a soldier and not wasting my life like some of the chav civvies around :(

    I will still apply for RE and possibly put REME as my second choice, just hope things would move alittle faster!
  9. From the information you have given I think your a bit confused about what the Shading was for (AS tHE OTHER RECRUITER DIRK_THE TURK WILL AGREE WITH)

    I believe your old recruiter was ok with what he had done as your not even Med suitable at this stage, just a few questions so I can explain a bit better.
    What was the SHADING for then ????

    All I can think is exam results unless you can explain different reason. How old are you, have you just left school?

    If you have just left school and the the recruiter had mentioned he could shade you until your exam quals were out it wouldnt be done till your med suitable and at interview stages.
  10. **** me, thought i was the only one :p
    im struggling though medical limbo myself at the moment but i think its a case of the more you want it the longer its going to take.

    GL to you mate

    as for being a chav, they do have there advantes, the local chav hotties for instance.


    you just have to look past....everything
  11. I imagine they let the ppl through who got the grades 1st. What office is it? If it was Lu*on and recent.. ;)
  12. I left school 11 years ago ;) I am 28, which is really whats worrying as I'm probably looked upon as an old man :p although, I dont want to sound too confident, my fitness is excellent so I wont have any problems with selection.

    GCSE grades are only D's which I am the first to note those grades are terrible, but unfortunately I was very lazy at school (They all say that :p).

    Since leaving school, I have worked in retail, security, computer programming and construction so I have acquired a vast skill set but I never bothered to upgrade my GCSE grades due to concentrating on self learning of other avenues and the only further qualification I have achieved has been in book keeping for which I achieved a 'distinction' but this doesnt seem to matter as they are more focused on my GCSE grades than anything else.
  13. THE_IRON,

    do you regret joining the REME as a vehicle mechanic? I've been looking at the specs of the training and it looks alot better than RE plumbing, to be honest.
  14. Uber, what areas of Construction have you worked in?
  15. Mostly Labouring, but I have worked as Painter/Decorator, Basic plumbing jobs and Plastering .

    too be honest, I dont really fancy plastering or painting but I would like Plumbing, although it looks as though I may not be able to do it due to poor GCSE grades, annoying really as I did my GCSE's over a decade ago.

    fook knows, if I cant get into Plumbing in the army then I may aswell go VM.