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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Heff30, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Ok so went down to the AFCO yesterday asked some questions and I really wanted to know whether or not I would be able to a) learn a language b) study while serving i.e get my A levels c) do my HGV and bike licence.

    The helpful bloke at the AFCO said I can do all of these and after so many years I can also get funding towards doing any studying I do..?

    Oh and he also said that it doesn't matter whether or not it relates to my job or regiment?

    Is this guy telling the truth? or is he feeding me horse shit? The only reason I ask is when I went to sign up last time I was told I can only do academic courses or licences relating to my job?


  2. a) Yes but depends on what you join but all can take a test and if you get high enough they will recommend you for language training.

    b) Evening study later once all phases of training complete and dependant on operational commitments of units etc...

    c) Depends on what you join! Though HGV can be justified for a few roles.

    The money available is SLC under a ton a year for vaguely related mil/trade courses and ELC if they are still going by the time you qualify approx 3-5 years for 1000 or 2000 dependind on time served.

    Thats a brief version on second thoughts google it! Doh!
  3. If you show an aptitude for languages you can do a course where you will learn a language and a bit of the culture, if you join/transfer the Int Corps they have a trade called 'linguist' where you may learn several.

    I have got a degree whilst in the Army with the OU. When I started that was pretty much the only game in town, but no many unis and what not are doing distance learning. You could do evening classes, once in and you have completed training pop t the Army Education Centre on camp for a full spectrum of help, or you can ask on here.

    You can get upto £175 per year for courses. They generally have to benefit the service, any you pay 20% at least. Obviously if 80% of hte fee goes above £175, then you pick up the excess. They are SLCs (standard learning credits) available from April to April each year.

    You will also get three ELCs (Extended Learning credits) these are worth £1000 each, rising to £2000 after seven years. You can use them up to 10 years after leaving too. Warning. If you use them for a £500 course, you lose the remainder for that payment. Same rules apply as SLC whilst you are in, or you can use them for pretty much anything you want once you are out.

    Depending on trade you can get HGV or Bike, Bike especially in things like RMP or Postal and Courier, but many units such as Inf, RAC, Signals, RE, REME and RLC will have dispatch riders.

    HGV if your uniit needs it. a fair few do.

    You can use SLC/ELC for driving.

    What you looking at doing/joining?
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  4. Ok,cheers for that :D I guess in the years to come at some point I will get the opportunity to complete all of the above!

  5. No doubt a knowledgeable loggie will correct me, but I believe that the army has withdrawn motorcycles in favour of other vehicles. Meaning that we may not be training motorcyclists at the moment.
  6. I hope not! I really want my bike licence!

  7. Errrr...no they don't! But you could always have go at the White Helmets Motorcycle Display team. (Soon to become the 'Purple Helmets' when we combine the team with those of the Navy and the RAF).
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  8. Saw the list for this years various driving courses today - loads of bike courses available
  9. You should be able to get your HGV, not so sure about the bike license? (should meet a few bikes during training though)
    As for languages, you should get a chance during PDT, depending on who you're with.
    If you do get in, make the most of your SLC/ELC entitlement, you'll regret it if you don't.
  10. You can bang in for your bike licence of your own back - you can do it in your own time and pay for it yourself. ;-)

    As for other courses there are all sorts of stuff you can do. Forklift is quite popular at the moment, loads of education courses, plenty of lads and lasses doing GCSEs, A levels, Open University, etc, etc.

    Loads of opportunities for other bits and bobs - you'll gain quals without even thinking about it! :)

    Good luck!
  11. Or I could let the army pay some of it and pay some it myself :) I would feel more comfortable doing it through the army, I have no idea why though. Yeh I was thinking of doing my forklift as well :D thanks for all the info every one.

  12. I thought the only guys on bikes now where the monkeys? Most of our guys are Quad trained and Springer trained now though.
  13. By monkeys I assume you mean RMP, if so then that is great news for me :D I would mind getting trained on a Springer they look pretty slick.

  14. Bike courses were easy back when we had the Harleys (and their predecessors) but I would think justifying a bike course now would be quite difficult as very few jobs would require it. Most people end up paying for their own.
  15. Does that mean you're going RMP??? I take back the good luck! ;-)