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Unsuitable names for future equipments?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Litotes, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. With the recent proposal to purchase several variants of vehicles, the planners went mad, raided the dictionary and used up Mastiff, Vixen, Bulldog, Wolfhound etc.

    Now, these are all names that suggest a brutal and effective pedigree, and it is hoped by all concerned that the pedigree of the name will rub off on the equipment.

    But there are some names that do not suggest "a brutal and effective pedigree" when you hear them, and we might be able to produce a useful Arrse Guide to help stop those desk officers working in Main Building and Abbey Wood from making a complete horlicks of naming a future equipment!

    So, I will kick off with three names that I consider unsuitable for future equipments/capabilities:

    :arrow: Horlicks
    :arrow: Spaniel
    :arrow: Chihuahua


    Damn, that's four. :D
  2. Poodle, Chichuahua (however it's spelt!), Fox is very camp (perfect then for Navy perhaps :wink: ), Sparrow.

    "Coming over the hill now we see the new British Army Tank, the FV4035 Vickers Squaw"
  3. maybe we need less threatening names like

    butterfly (eg the 70 tonne butterfly main battle tank)
  4. Nigel
    cuddlywuddly 120mm
    9/12 lancer
  5. Weasle
  6. Skunk, rabbit ,dormouse pheasant and grouse .Pity we cant use weasel as the Germans have bagged it how about stoat though?
  7. For the RMP/RAFPD patrol minivan = Covert Urban Nocturnal Transporter
  8. Mirkin
  9. Titananic clas of ships / subs!

  10. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Future Army Dress as when we get it it will be PAD Past Army Dress
  11. Ptarmigan......oh, wait.
  12. Pipistrelle.
  13. Spide
  14. Flea