Unsuccessful suicide bomber on Bastion runway

I'll say he was unsuccessful, he couldn't even top himself.

I also suspect that the FP Coy boss will be in the brown and smelly.
Sky news ticker says 1 x UK soldier wounded.

Hope it's not too serious for our guy.
Hmmmm, so, who to believe, Sky - the plaything of the Murdochs? Or the BBC, plaything of the Left Wing?

What a dilemma, eh?


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The bloke has now died, in Bastion, of his burns. If he wanted to top himself, there are probably less painful ways to do it than setting yourself on fire. Still, his choice.

The impressive thing to me was - that the Yanks didn't riddle him with bullets first. This indicates that he got nowherenear anyone even vaguely important. The Secret Service would have slotted him, otherwise :)
Since he's now apparently Hovis perhaps we should promote him and change the title of this thread to include "successful suicide, failed bomber"

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