unspent criminal conviction

I have an unspent conviction of common assault dated back to Dec 04. I have eighteen months remaining before it is spent. Will this bar me from joining the TA


A con with a blood pressure problem?

Maybe best actually contacting the TA themselves.
I have an unspent conviction for drink driving and been told that I won't be able to do anything to do with driving until it's spent.

Apparently, in REME that leaves me with chef, storeman or armourer - luckily I chose armourer before trying to join!

Seems a bit weird to me though, maybe they think that I'm still on a driving ban? I should clarify next week.
I got told I was ok because it was a motoring offence.

It'll be a completely different story with GBH/ABH/Common assault - that's what I was told anyway.

You might be better off waiting til it's spent, or go ahead and get rejected for service.

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