Unspent convictions

Good afternoon, new member so go easy on me please. I was wondering, i have recently done a 4 week custodial sentence for breach of community order. I was wanting to join the TA but i appreciate that now with this custodial things are going to be difficult/impossible now. Im 23 (24) on friday, and have read that this will take 7 years to become "spent". I asked on another forum and was directed here so i just thought id ask for a bit of clarification. The charge was for sale by false misrepresentation (a family friend was in trouble with a loan shark and she foolishly sold things she didnt own on ebay for a bit of quick money, items never arrived and she was arrested, she has an autistic son who was 4 at the time so ifelt sorry for her and said it was me that had done it (where the false misrepresentation came from) i now have no hours to do and ive paid up the fines. Any help greatly appreciated.
I was led to believe that if you'd done time inside the big house it was never spent, the only reason I know this is that I was looking up when mine was spent.
Is that because of a relatively small stretch of water between us or having a welfare state whereas others don't have either option ?
Pretty much plus its not as some think it might be , boredom being one of the biggest problems.

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