Unsolicited text spam from mobile phone directory

Got this Email floating around work today (originated from serveral law firms) and after hearing about this on the news previously thought I'd share it with concerned Arrser's here.


Maybe you have heard about this but early next week all UK mobiles will be on a directory which will mean that anyone will be able to access the numbers. It is easy to unsubscribe but it must be done before the beginning of next week to make sure that you are ex directory. I have unsubscribed and you may want to suggest it to all your friends and family who have UK mobiles or they could be swamped by unsolicited messages and calls. Removal is recommended by the BBC - see link below.


Just done this myself. Double checked it wasn't a scam and it is actually on the bbc website recommending to do this.

The Directory of Mobile Phone numbers goes live next week. All numbers including those belonging to children will be open to cold calling and the general abuse that less scrupulous telesales people subject us too.

To remove your number go here. (you need your mobile phone with you to do this, they text you a code)


When on the site, click "Home" then "Ex-directory" this will remove you from the directory.

You can remove your number from this list, and tell all your friends - especially those with children who have mobile phones. I personally believe my mobile number is private and I should be able to chose who I give it to - none of us agreed to this when we signed our mobile phone contracts.
Ta for the info about the mobile phone directory, as ex soldier and now a prison officer the last thing i need is some scrote getting hold of my number.
May I just point out a couple of things?

This companies database only comprises those mobile numbers which the user has given explicit consent to be used for third-party use. This normally occurs when you visit a website, sign up for something, give your mobile number and don't notice/tick the box which opts you out of this. (Sadly, that is several million1)

They do not have access to ALL mobile numbers in the UK. No mobile provider will give them details of their customers.

It costs you to go ex-directory. May I therefore suggest you do not do this unless you become aware of 118800 passing calls to you.

You always have the option of saying 'No' should 118800 try to put a call through.

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